Monday, May 24, 2010

More Pics from Our Trip

We saw a lot of wide open and flat landscapes.  And grouchy daughters.

colleens 007 colleens 018

And places for the good guys in westerns to hide while they wait to ambush the bad guys. 

colleens 030

This was in Park City, Utah, and those are the ski jumps in Olympic Park in the background over Colleen’s shoulder.  If you remember that I posted from there…you may remember that from the tone of my post I wanted to push those smiling children down that ski jump and send them sailing into the air.

colleens 047

Look at them smiling….like we hadn’t had a meltdown the night before.  I got over it, though.  And they survived the trip without serious scarring.


  1. 'No serious scarring'.... that you know of! Mmmhhmm. Just wait. They'll pull that little nugget out of their hat just when you least expect it..... like right before handing you their Christmas list. But really, what a great experience to have had with the kids.

  2. Ahhhhhhh...the joys of the family auto trip. I remember them well.


    That one picture really does epitomize "big sky" country.

  3. I know all about grouchy daughters!
    Lovely photos :-)

  4. I try to avoid family auto trips like the plague. My two kids can't stay away from each other for an hour! I love your photos!

  5. Doesn't all that flatness make you appreciate our beautiful, green hills even more!? Love your description of the photo of the two of them, Lee :)

  6. Ah the joys of family trips - there were five kids in my family, my poor parents.

    Great pics.

  7. We had an episode with out 18yo son on vacation last year. After several days of sullen attitude, he and I had a little "come to Jesus" moment (as I refer to it) and he was quite pleasant for the remainder to the vacation. :)

    There's a lot of flatness out there! All the better to see the sky.