Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My SBQ Answer

You know, when I wrote this question, I really, really thought that my answer would be that I was a Process Stitcher.  I love my time spent stitching and how relaxed it makes me feel.  There are many things that I do that create this knot in my shoulders and neck, but not stitching.  I’m completely at ease.

Still, if I examine the stitching lifespan of anything that I’ve completed, the finished stitching gives me my greatest pleasure.  Here’s how I know, because this is what I do. 

I stitch it.

I finish it. 

I wash it, if possible. 

I iron it. 

Then it will sit on my ironing board till it’s completely dry, but I keep visiting it over and over.  I return to look at it dozens of times and pat myself on the back each and every time.  It’s like a magnet that keeps drawing me back to wherever it happens to be sitting and I can’t stop thinking about it. 

Then when I actually finish-finish it?  Heh.  Over the top magnetism.  I don’t want to leave the room.

And I’m getting to the point where I have more photos on my computer of my completed stitching than photos of my children.  So what does that tell us?  That maybe I need grandchildren… and soon?  (Oh my – scary thought!)

So that’s my answer ladies and gents.  I’m a Project Stitcher.


  1. Funny...I have more pictures of my in progress stitching than anything else ...especially my children. ;) Interesting way to confirm it.

  2. Oh I had to laugh. It's kind of looking at the mirror, and primping a bit and saying "how great I look"! I do that too! ;-) It's a real sense of accomplishment when something is finished.

    I hope to blog the answer to your question this weekend. I am glad you started this up again. I wasn't around the blog world the last time!