Thursday, May 27, 2010

Probably the end of the pictures

John’s housing – lucky dog.  First pic is as you come down the steps from the parking pad.  Then you walk around the side of the house.  And you find yourself on a lovely deck with such a view. 

colleens 059   colleens 060colleens 056colleens 061And the inside of the house is just as nice as the outside.

Then these others are photos that I just like.  A cool mountain to the north of I-80 between Salt Lake City and Reno.  Don’t remember the name and I left all of my maps with John, but I remember that its elevation was somewhere around 11,000 feet.

colleens 055

Some of us (me….on the hotel deck), behaved all nice and sophisticated, but some of us didn’t.

colleens 074 colleens 001

Some more scrumptious photos of our tea.

.colleens 069 travels 025 colleens 071

And a sign that made me laugh out loud every time I saw it, which mortified my children, but it’s really and truly just too funny.colleens 035

They just don’t understand me.  I was glad to be home and with my husband who laughed like a nut when I showed it to him. He gets me.


  1. You got some great pictures! Love the sign. Is that snow? Thanks for sharing the photos of your trip. Do you have to do it again at the end of summer?

  2. Great pictures and what great views. x

  3. Yeah I've seen those before, and I literally spit out coffee when I saw it the first time :) Ha Ha Ha!

  4. *LOVE* the sign.

    I want some of that tea. Hope it was as tasty as it was beautiful.

    I'm still surprised to see Colleen with short hair.

  5. Wow, what a horrible name for a business (unless it was a brothel, then it'd be perfect). It reminds me of a restaurant called BJ's near my grandma's house.

  6. Nice pics!

    Did you know you can follow Kum & Go on Facebook and Twitter? But one can follow anything these days.

  7. Cracking up at that sign, Lee--love Jeannine's comment above!!

    Gee, it's so sad that John has to live in such a horrid locale this summer :o) Seriously, what more could he ask for. Hope he's enjoying the job.

  8. Great pictures! I think the sign is a hoot! And loved the pictures of the bed bouncing. I've got pics of my kids on vacation doing the same thing. I guess because it's not allowed at home they think it's fine in a hotel room! LOL Anyway, it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  9. that sign is cracking me up too !! Too funny Lee! We could have a real laugh I am sure! I love the tea pics. I am a freak for high tea and there is a lovely spot in a place called Waterdown not far from where I live called 'Tea at the Whitehouse that has one that is better than the one I had in England. I must get a pic of that next time I go . Love Colleen's hair!

  10. I have a friend who boycotts Kum and Go for the name alone! Lucky kids, both of them.

  11. Your husbands sounds perfect for you! What a beautiful home John will be living in. He's going to want to spend all his free time soaking up that beautiful view!

  12. OK I get you too that last picture just made me laugh out loud and I had to show it to everyone in the house. They all laughed too! That is hilarious!

  13. Oh Lee! I too laughed and I think we may have one here in town. You and M have the same sense of humor, which I sadly lack!
    Lovely pictures. I enjoyed every one of them!
    Congrats on finishing Spring Violets and the cherry freebie. The buttons look great on HIH piece.

  14. It was great to see all the pictures of your trip to the west and to follow your steps. Makes me think of my own travels in these regions.