Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Violets thread conversions

A couple of you have asked for my thread choices for Hands to Work's design, Spring Violets. I'll start by referring back to the photo:
Since this is charted for threads that I didn't own (Needlepoint Silks and Northern Lights overdyeds), and since in my opinion the DMC conversions were not only inaccurate, but unattractive, too, I had to wing it.  (Really?  Dark blue violets?  No.)  AND I wanted to use a light purple for the fabric, instead of a dark linen.  I had had quite enough winter darkness for one year and I wanted something that yelled "Don't despair! Spring is just around the corner"!  Luckily, because I had a couple of years' worth of Floss of the Month selections here, I could go to my thread boxes and pick around. 

So, starting with the borders - I used GAST Harvest Basket (golden brown), DMC 471 (bright green) and Old Willow Stitchery's Christmas Thyme (medium green).  You could also use GAST  Dried Thyme.  It's almost identical.

The snow is DMC 3033.  The green layer is OWS Christmas Thyme.  The brown layer is WDW Kris' Bon Bon.

The flowers are OWS R.I.P. Purple, and the lettering is in OWS Plantation Purple.  If you like my choices, but can't find the OWS threads, you could use any two variegated purples here, one lighter (flowers) and one darker (lettering).  I'll bet there are tons of nice choices out there.  The flower leaves are OWS Christmas Thyme and DMC 471. 

Finally, my fabric was 28ct Lavender Bliss Jobelan.

Julie was my inspiration for this stitch, and when I was in Topeka, we took photos of her piece, my piece (still unfinished at that point), and the original design.

I should tell you that Julie's fabric (far right) is gorgeous.  It's actually much more subtly colored than you might think from this photo.    And we saw two (maybe three?) different versions of this in the shop hop stores.  One on stitched on a light background fabric, one done on the darker fabric, and the third one is playing around the edges of my memory. you remember? 

With my limited experience at recoloring someone else's design, this was a good piece to experiment with because of its limited number of colors. I did a bunch of experimental stitching and ripping, but curiously enough, it wasn't frustrating.  I actually really enjoyed the process.  (Isn't that too crazy for a Project stitcher like me?)  It felt creative and freeing.

Do you all remember Anna's Swirly Gig Challenge from last year?  That was another good one to recolor.  And we all had a good time with it, so I guess what I'm saying is that if you haven't recolored something, give it a try! 


  1. I love seeing how different everyone's variations are!!

  2. I guess I should do that again, huh?

  3. I really like the verse and the variations too. Nice work!

  4. It is amazing how changing up the fabric and colours can really make it a different piece. It looks great Lee!

  5. You know, I would never have given the original a second look, Lee, but yours and Julie's interpretations of it are amazing. I just love them both!

  6. I love the rethink. I'm in the middle of a wedding sampler for my sister that I have changed the colors to match her wedding colors ... it's always interesting trying to change things around. I had done the same for the wedding sampler that I stitched for my wedding.

  7. Thanks Carol and Lee!
    No, sadly I can't remember the ones we saw. I do remember the one on light colored fabric at C C & Company. I wish I had taken pictures of them.
    I'm playing with different fabrics and feel comfortable doing that. I'm having a lot of fun switching fabrics on LK Time with God, but I have no experience changing colors nad hate doing it. This piece was easy to change colors on. I've purchased a few patterns that I know I can't, won't stitch as the pattern calls for, so I may be calling on you for suggestions.

  8. It's always so interesting to see different versions of a piece side by side. A different fabric colour and some changes in thread colours make quite a new piece, I think.