Monday, June 28, 2010

Clearly I’m at odds with the animal kingdom

Snow White

First there was the Memorial Day Bear.  Scared me to death.

Then Saturday night at about 1AM I sat bolt upright in bed because of a sharp pain in my side.  Thought I had been Tazed.  Sunday morning there are several clear bite marks in a circle of sorts on my left side.  Right where my bra strap rests, thank you very much.  So something got me and got me good. 

And last night I baked cookies.  Then Dave came home and sat in the living room.  Colleen came home and sat in the living room.  I sit closest to the kitchen, because my stitching chair kind of tucks into a corner there, and I kept hearing noises in the kitchen so I asked somebody to go look because I had a lap full of stitching, but they looked at me like I was a lunatic.  Finally Dave got up to investigate and said there was nothing.  So before I went to bed, I took the cookies off the cooling rack and put them away.  Noticed that one was missing, but that’s not unusual. I make awesome chocolate chip cookies.

Evidently a mouse thought so, too.  This morning I when went to make my coffee, I noticed a cookie wedged between the stove and the countertop.  Half eaten.  And that wasn’t a trail of chocolate crumbs on the counter. 

Now, as these things go, first you notice one little turd.  Then you notice…um…more than one.  Yikes.  Somebody was having a Mouse Party.  So today my goal was to take everything off the counters, clean, clean, clean, and get rid of all of the stuff that shouldn’t be on my counter anyway.   Cleaned under the stove top and then moved the stove and cleaned behind it.  Then I went to the storage drawer underneath the oven.  Did I even think that this could be a perfect hiding place for a mouse?  So I started to pull out baking pans and muffin tins and Keeeeripes!  There was a mouse running for cover!  I screamed and slammed the drawer shut and called Dave on the phone.  (Yes – totally ineffective, but better than my first instinct - to dial 911)  He told me to cover it with a pot and take the whole drawer outside, but by the time I reopened the drawer, the mouse was gone. 

So now I’m upstairs in the office and dreading going back into that kitchen.  And I may be opting for take-out tonight.  Such drama.

My daughter says it’s kind of like the children’s book:

mouse cookie

But with a much darker ending.

(Don’t be groaning.  You know you all thought it, too)


  1. Funny story. I would not have thought to call 911 but my husband would have been summoned. I would go for the eating out option until the mouse has a new living situation or his little angel wings.

  2. Awww, you poor thing. I don't like mice either. I sure hope the mouse liked the cookie!!! I bet it was yummy!!! Just think, at least you didn't make cheese danishes or something .. then they'd all be gone!!!!

  3. ROFLOL!

    I will take a mouse over a spider any day! Big hairy ucky spiders.

    Take the night off and have a nice dinner out. Put DH in charge of rodent control and call it good.

    Smiles -Denise

  4. Our house on Maui is built on old agricultural land. Of course we have mice. Some built a nest in our dishwasher insulation. But the worst one I ever found was in a package of spaghetti. Yes, I yelled and dropped the package and we did eat out for a while.

  5. LOL!!! I hope that you prevail in the war with nature. Of course, you could look at this as an excuse to get take out or have someone else take over the cooking for the next while. (Or at least until you can't stand it anymore.)

  6. Good luck with your mouse. If you still have the cookies you can leave one out with a trap. I do not recommend the "humane" sticky traps.

    Years ago, we were the first tenants in a new "underground" apartment . I started noticing "dirt" on the tops of the cans in the pantry. A mouse was not even in my realm of possibilities. One night sitting in the LR, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. DH did not believe me until he saw it too. We caught 3 mice before we finally found the spot where they were coming in (wall cover behind the fridge was loose).

    I threw away just about everything that was not in a can and washed all the cans. Never figured out how they climbed up to the pantry shelves in the first place.

  7. Oh my sounds like no fun!! I wonder what bite you? As for the mouse stealing the cookie, sounds cute even though I know its not.

    We once had a roof rat under our kitchen floors. Setting traps for a whole week then hearing the snap of that trap in the middle of the night. It was a spectical DH holding the garbage bag and me picking it up with a shovel trying to vidoe tape him screaming and running into the house LOL

    I hope you find the little mouse and he leaves you home.

  8. I can't believe you actually opened that drawer again... is if you were going to get close enough to put a pot over it! No way. That's why we have cats and once they do their job I have been known to pay my son to clean up the mess. Oh, the stories I could tell. Most often I get them in the window well of my basement sewing room. They're the huge, fire escape type windows so when I'm at my sewing machine the thing is at eye level. All sewing must come to an end until a rescue can be made. Now, we keep a Lacrosse net handy dandy. Love life in the country!!


  9. You are definitely being invaded, aren't you?!?! ROFL at the dark ending...I'm all for it in this case ;)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been perusing your blog. Love it!! Love how you did your initials on Lo How a Rose. Love the pretty patriotic heart piece. lol on the WDW London Fog matching your hair color! And mice? Oh yes, we constantly battle mice in our kitchen. Sigh. I've determined I should get an exterminator to help or something. Ugh! And that bite on your side! Ewww!! And ouch!

  11. Too funny! And I'm totally with you - not into mice. Do I dare tell my house, they always came in three's...ducking and hiding...

  12. Talk about close encounters with the furry kind! Yikes! I hope you've caught the little beggar.

    P.S. My kids loved that mouse book when they were little.

  13. Where there is one mouse, there are more. When I first notice them, I tell them that I have 4 rules - Don't go in the kitchen. Don't get on the couch with me. Don't get in bed with me. And stay out of the shower when I am in it. At this point I am in denial (they move FAST, so you catch them out of the corner of your eye and decide to wait to see if you are really seeing a mouse or you just haven't had enough fresh air lately). If they can't follow the house rules, (they can't, and I then move beyond denial) I purchase mouse traps, bait them with peanut butter, put them where the turds are. End of the mouse (mice) problem! BTW, they will go right past the poison.

  14. Ugh--I guess that is the price you have to pay for living in such an idyllic lake-front setting, Lee! Hope you get them out of your life (or at least out of your house) very soon...

    Still have that book waiting for my future grandchildren tucked away in a cupboard with other favorites :)

  15. Umm, I would have SO had your reaction. When I was married we had mice taking dog food behind our stove. I stupidly thought it was one mouse. When we set a trap up where they walk in but don't walk out, the next day they were bundled in there like sardines. There was like 15 of them! I screamed and my then husband came running out and then laughed. It was SO not funny.

  16. Still laughing at your description!! Love how your daughter brought up the book.

    On the other hand, ouch! I hope your side is okay and the nasty little critter that did it is long gone!

  17. LMAO about the mouse! I just about fell off my chair reading this entry. I hope you (or someone brave) caught the mouse for you.

  18. We hadn't been living here long when we had our first mouse. We were completely perplexed by how to approach ridding the house of the little creature. Calling the landlord doesn't work any more! LOL.

  19. Squeak squeak! I'm glad I have a cat.
    Hope you got rid of your little friend and maybe his friends.
    Did you figure out what bit you?