Friday, June 25, 2010

Hair Coloring

I started coloring my hair maybe 5 years ago.  Maybe 6?  I had finally had enough of the gray hair sprouting from the center of my head and wangling up towards the sky, so I gave in.  (Why does gray hair behave so badly?  It's like it's on the top of your head, sticking straight in the air, waving and shouting Hey!  LOOK AT ME!)  I didn't do any drastic color change...just trying to keep my natural color but without the snow on top.

My hair color was ok for a while, but now I've grown to haaaaaate it.  I hate the process.  I hate the fuss.  I like things to be very low maintenance and coloring my hair felt high maintenance.  I hate the ever-present roots.  And each time I colored, even using the same brand and color shade, I felt as if I came away with a weird color, which only kept getting weirder and weirder.

So...  Anyway, I went to the hairdresser's on Tuesday and he and I decided that it's time to go natural.  Which means gray.  And he told me to just be patient and let the color treated hair grow out.  All the while he was assuring me that the color wasn't so  bad.  Still, it's hard for me to internalize that because every day I have to look at this gray-blonde-brown-whatever the hell color combination you want to call it.

Call me crazy but I'll be obsessing over my hair growing out for the next 18 months, at least.

Proof of that obsession?  Thursday night I was getting ready to stitch my initials into LoHaRose, and pulled out my WDW London Fog cotton floss.  I looked at it, then looked at my hair.  Looked at it, then my hair.

Oh. Dear. God.

The current color combination of the hair on top of my head is EXACTLY the same as this skein of floss.

See the proof below in the extra-flattering photo that I've taken of my head! 

Yup.  That's Weeks Dye Works #1198, London Fog. It's hard to capture it in a photo, but that thread matches every shade that's on my head right now.  If they made hair extensions out of this, it would look perfectly normal on me.  I far as we can stretch the meaning of "normal". (You'll notice that the word "flattering" isn't in this post)

It's going to be a very long 18 months.


  1. Take Heart! I am also blonde turning gray and finished Lo A Rose last year. At the time I thought London Fog was one of the worst color combinations I had ever seen on an overdye!! But once on the fabric, it looked great and I love the results--so that is why I say take heart. The interim doesn't look as bad as you think. :)

  2. :(

    I started going "silver" when I was 28. I've just had to move to coloring every four weeks, because after 6-7 weeks, I have half inch silver roots. (Apparently my hair grows WAY faster than yours!) I told my mother this, and she said, "You should go silvah!" (She always says, "Your fathah has beautiful silvah hayah.") I think I died a little inside.

    I feel you, sister.

  3. I'm laughing! It happens to all of us ... but I never thought to see what colour my hair matched my skeins of thread! Well done! You'll be right - we all get there some time! I just haven't been brave enough to take the step you are taking now! Well done! x

  4. You go girl. I posted about my hair back in April but never matched it to a thread color! Now I'll be on the look out. Anyhow, recently there was a story on the Today Show about this whole 'new' movement where women are going gray. What do you know? I was ahead of fashion! That never happens!!

  5. Oh, Lee, I so relate to what you are saying! You see, over a year ago, I decided to 'go natural' for a number of reasons (which are too many to name in the comment section!).

    What my hairdresser did though was to weave in highlights in blond to help break out the roots so that you don't get the band thing happening. I think it worked quite well and now a friend said my process worked so well that she is going to do the same thing.

    But I think you should try weaving in London Fog (wink) - how cool is that?!!!

  6. Aaaahhhh - I feel for you. I started coloring my blonde hair for the same reason.

    And then after a few colorings stopped. Too much.

    Too bad the color was London Fog - why couldn't have been One Hot Mama?

    Smiles - Denise

  7. I have colored my hair for 40 years and don't regret a day of it. I recently had to stop because the chemotherapy was making my hair so fragile. So I also have silver roots. But I will be back to coloring it next year when my chemotherapy is done. Silver is OK. Blonde is OK. But dishwater brown is not...ever.

  8. I'm still laughing! I love the shot your matching thread on top of your head! I had a friend once that actually dyed her hair closer to her silver color when she decided to grow it out. It blended very well no one ever noticed!

  9. How funny that there is a thread color to match your thread color.

  10. Lee, you are just too damn funny!!! I love it! Awhile ago I decided that I would stop coloring when I turn 60. Maybe I'll stop earlier. It certainly would save money at $80 a pop! I use to have a weave every 4 months, now it's every 3 months. Too bad a weave can't take care of the growing muffin top. Where they heck did that come from?

  11. I'm laughing but i feel exactly the same, i colour my hair but hate the process (i hate going to have my hair cut too).
    Mine grey area though tends to be at the sides around my ears so i have this flash of grey, not ready to let it go completly though yet, although i think there will come a time when i will. I have to do this dreaded chore tonight ready for holiday on Monday!

  12. Your picture of the floss on your head made me laugh out loud. Only us stitchers would relate floss to hair color, and just about anything else. I was looking at the sky the other day, at a sunset, and it looked like one of the Crescent Colours flosses, which I now can't remember, but I said to BF, hey, that looks like such and such floss, and he looked at me like I just sprouted snakes out of my head or something. LOL.

  13. Forgot to mention that I colored my hair for years myself also and hated the process. I now get my hair professionally done every two months. I get highlights and lowlights and it seems to cover any gray I get, usually around my temples.

  14. LOL LOL LOL! That picture of you with the floss on your head is so funny :)

    Seriously, I feel your pain. I have been getting more and more grey. And yes, they do stick straight up. I had been pulling them out, but at the rate they are going I wouldn't have anything left. I do highlight my hair, which gives me that "silver & gold" look mixed in with the dark brown.

  15. You crack me up, Lee! Good for you for being so brave--I can't get up my nerve to go natural and will still be coloring it when I'm 75, I'm sure!! If I had beautiful white hair like my mom's I would quit now, but mine is just yukky mouse brownish grey.

    Can't wait to see the "new you!"

  16. Lee, the picture is too cute. I think you did a wonderful job of taking the picture! Years ago I tried the coloring, but had no patience with the roots, so I let the family-gray come in. I even tried reverse frosting earlier this year, but even the hairdresser wondered why I was bothering. Let's plan a stitch time with Carol soon.


  17. How funny, Lee!! Wonder if we could all send in a picture of the top of our heads to floss companies looking for new colors...LOL.

    I have my hair colored as close to natural as possible every 4 weeks. I'll probably do it for at least another 10 years. I have a great hair dresser, it only takes about 75 minutes and that includes a cut all for $43.

    You could have them put a bit of gray color on all over while it is growing out, hard to believe it'll take that long, you must have slow growing hair.


  18. Regardless of how much I spend, my color always turns out to be something that has never appeared in nature... Why can't they do better than that?

  19. I feel for you...been there done that! As I was growing my brown/highligted blonde/gray hair out to go natural, I actually had a lady ask how I got my hair "that" color? (brown on bottom half/gray on top half). Too bad have multi-colored hair wasn't the "in" thing!

    In the words of the Waterboy...... you can do it!

  20. I feel for you, I don't color my whole head, yet. I just highlight, but gray seems to be coming on faster.

  21. Oh! Me! Me! I had that same issue. I have coloured my hair since I was 16ish. At first, I just wanted to have cool colours instead of mouse brown. Then, at about 24 I started to go gray...a lot. I hate wasting 2 hours in a chair to get a cut and colour so I gave up the colouring and looked horrible for quite some time. It turns out the front half of my head is light brown/blonde/gray mix and the back half is a very rich dark brunette. OY. I laughed a lot at the floss match. You could always try just having lowlights done until the grey grows out a decent amount.

  22. You could start a new SBQ - what floss color is your hair? I wish I knew how much gray I had - I've been coloring it so long I have no idea. Enjoy discovering the "real you."

  23. All of you are too funny! I think your color of grey is gorgeous, Lee ~ It's WHY they made a thread that color of grey!

    I took a year to go natural. At Halloween, it was half dark and half white so I just pretended to be Cruella DeVille and worked it, lol.