Friday, June 11, 2010

I should listen to my own self

It's just too ridiculous that I asked all of you to post your Patriotic Quaker Hearts so that I could send a list to the designer, yet my PQH is still not even close to finished.  I know!  Don't you just love somebody who says, Hey, let's do this, and then she doesn't do it?  Yes,  I'm annoying even my own self.  But I plan to stitch and stitch this weekend.  It'll be another car trip weekend, and this is a great car project.  

But here's my big finish! LoHaR is complete, although I keep looking at my initials and wondering if I can't come up with something that I like better.  My eyes keep wandering to that bottom corner and my brain keeps saying,  No.  You could make that look better.  What is it that's bothering me about it?  Is it the color I chose?  I used another color in the design, not London Fog.  Or is it the type of lettering I used?  Or is it ok as it is?  If you have any suggestions, please suggest away. 

Let's other stitchy news, I started BBD's Summer Basket Sampler and man oh man, I'm having color issues with it.  My piece of Baby's Breath WDW linen is much more peach-tinted than the fabric in the photograph and so far three of the WDW threads that the design calls for are completely invisible on this fabric.  I'm stitching and switching like crazy.

And by the way, not to keep ripping on WDW, but since when is Baby's Breath pink or peach?  Baby's Breath is white.  Sheesh.

There's not much going on in family news here.  Daughter ran her first half-marathon last week. She described her last mile as a death shuffle. .  Sadly, that's what all of my miles look like!  But hey...I'm moving and it may not be pretty, but I keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

My son wiped out on his bike last weekend.  He's been thrilled about riding all around Marin County, and was finishing his longest ride ever and towards the end he was going too fast and took a curve too fast and...well, he says there is no skin left on the left side of his body.  It's terrible to be so far away sometimes.  I mean, these things happen and he's an adult and can deal with his own health, safety and well-being, but it still gives my heart pangs.

Dave and I are headed to the Jersey shore on Saturday for one night.  He wanted me to ride with him to pick up some stereo equipment in Philly, and I was able to parlay that into a night in Stone Harbor.  I can be such a powerful negotiator.  And it helps that my husband can be such a marshmallow sometimes.  But in a good way.


  1. Hope you and Marshmallow (Dave) have a great time Saturday night. LOL I am married to Mr Marshmallow the 2nd.....I like the LO just as stitched. I think it looks beautiful!!!

  2. Lo is beautiful. I think you're obsessing or something. Maybe they mean real babies' breath? That would be peach. Or pink.

  3. Your initials on LO are good, in fact the whole piece is beautiful !

  4. I like your Lo but not your initials (sorry, it's the typeface). What if you use some of the letters from the sampler itself? You may have to modify them a bit but if you keep to the style, I think it will look ok.
    Have a nice trip to the shore!

  5. I would agree with Joanie.... your initials are sort of too orderly given the nature of the sampler. In the sampler, the letters are different sizes and all crooked. But, if you left it alone and didn't point it out it would be just fine, too.

  6. I think the the issue is that the "font" of your initials is very different from the letters in the sampler. After all the crooked letters, the order is a bit of a shock.

  7. might be kind of hard to fit the initials in that space if you use the same style used in the sampler. I don't mind the way the initials look. The difference kind of sets them off from the rest of the piece. But go with your gut on this.

    Anyway, it's beautiful! Congrats on the finish. Are you going to frame it?

    So sorry about John's accident. I am quite familiar with road rash. My son used to be so proud of his scrapes and bruises! Just hope John ALWAYS wears a helmet. Was he on a mountain or road bike?

    Have fun in Jersey and say hi to Snookie if you see her haha.

  8. At first i was thinking it was simply the density and darker color of the of course your eye is drawn to it. but after reading the others comments i would change your initials, to maybe only 2 letters and make them more wonky. remove the year too and put it elsewhere. But really it is gorgeous no matter what you decide

  9. It's a gorgeous piece and I love your corner!

    I hope your son is doing much better. It's hard to be far away when they're hurt or sick

  10. Your piece is gorgeous!! Congrats on such a beautiful finish. I believe what jars with your initials is the change in font. It does however, make it stand out. If you tried to match the font of the piece it would blend in. This way it is distinguishable as your initials immediately.

    Hope your son recovers from his scrapes and bruises quickly. It is hard when they get hurt and we are not close at hand to help, even when they are grown. Enjoy your trip with DH.

  11. I think your stitching looks great! You don't need to change a thing.

  12. Lo looks great.I think the initials do stand out, because of the difference in font, but that's not a bad thing, surely?

  13. Here's a link to my Quaker 4th finish:

    Thanks, Lee!

  14. Lo turned out perfectly! I agree, Baby's Breath is white. I am sorry your ds hurt himself and you weren't there to help him... that is hard! LOL about the death shuffle.

  15. Lo is spectacular, Lee--I just love everything about it... If you hadn't pointed out the initials concern, it would never have been noticed (by me anyway).

    Poor John--I hope he is recovering quickly. The mere thought of a skinless left side is making me squirm (I have a blood phobia--ugh!!)...

  16. The date seems squeezed in there. Too much in the bottom half, more space in the upper half of that cirlcle, so I'd remove the date. I'd date the back of the pattern or stitch it some place else (the year).

    I'm not stitching the Quaker Heart. it isn't me. But then I wasn't for certain the BD piece we're going to stich was me, but I'm loving it and I've only got a few stitches in. I may play around with the colors on this piece. I may change the red and the peacock color. I'm looking forward to it actually.

    Ouch, I'm sincerely sorry to hear of your son's bike crash. Though I know its got to be painful, I'm glad it wasn't more serious.

    Congrats to Colleen!

    I hope you and Dave are having a good weekend away and that the weather is nice.

  17. Love your Lo, if I am being honest the initials throw the balance a bit. I usually stitch my initials over one in a color one shade darker than the linen on the bottom.

    Glad your son wasn't seriously hurt.

  18. I think your intials would look less obvious if they were in the style of the rest of the sampler. The date and color look fine to me.

    Great finish!