Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lo How a Rose – Take Two

Once I took the Weeks Dye Works thread off my head, I actually used it for stitching. 

This is how I stitched my first set of initials and the date:

patriotic quaker 002

And now the re-stitched initials initials and date:

4th heart 004

I’m happy now. 

4th heart 003

I finished Aury’s 2009 4th of July Quaker this morning, too. What a fun design!  I wanted it to finish big, so I used 19 ct. linen, stitched it over two threads, and used 3 strands of regular old DMC.  Maybe I’ll put it on top of the TV today while we’re watching the USA in the World Cup.  For luck, you know.

4th heart 006

I see that some of you have started the 2010 design.  I’ll probably get to that one next year.

Have a great weekend, gang!


  1. Lo looks gorgeous!

    Love your patriotic pillow too!!!

  2. I absolutely love Lo! It's so pretty.

    Love your patriotic finish :)

  3. Your finishes are wonderful!
    Wishing you luck with the World Cup.

    Smiles - Denise

  4. YOur initials on Lo are perfect! Cute patriotic finish!

  5. Your change on the initials really made a difference. I like where you put the date too. Great job on the whole project, congrats on a finish.

    Cute little patriotic pillow, hope it does the trick!!!

  6. I liked your initials before but I really love them now. It was a good choice to change it up.

    Cute pillow for the 4th. Wonderful!

  7. Congratulations on a very beautiful finish!
    Thanks also for your lovely comment on my blog.
    I am still so nervous about this blogging world but have already made wonderfully helpful friends to tote me along by my pigtails.
    Have a peaceful weekend!
    Peggy Lee

  8. Beautiful finishes. I like the revised initials and date better also.

    Love th little pillow....may have to borrow to finish mine!

  9. Both your finishes are wonderful, but I especially love Lo. I pulled my chart out today because I need a new start and I think that maybe Lo will be it. Seeing your picture really inspired me to get going on mine!

  10. Love it!!! Much better, it really fits with the design :-). Cute pillow too.

  11. Yep! I think that did it! Lo is lovely!!

    And your Quaker Heart finish is too cute!

  12. It's amazing what a simple change in your initials could do, Lee--perfection!!

    Your Quaker Heart pillow is just great--too bad it didn't help the USA in the World cup. Oh well... I really need to stitch up that freebie, too. I have very few patriotic pieces compared to what I have for other holidays.

  13. Ahhh, the second go-round of initials works much better! Lovely!

  14. Both look great. Love the heart pillow. Too bad about the USA team, though. DH is heart-broken.