Friday, June 04, 2010

What next...what next?

So, LoHaR is waiting patiently on the couch in my office for its skein of thread.

Spring Violets is waiting for a frame.

And now I'm between projects.  Well, I know that I have some half finished stuff around  (remember Tree of Life?)  And I have loads of great stuff already kitted up and ready to go, thanks to some No Holds Barred shopping trips last summer and this spring.  But right now I feel like I need something small and quick and topical.  Like a palate cleansing sorbet, but in a stitchy sort of way.

I've seen this Patriotic Freebie from Aury on more than a few blogs.  It may be just the thing.

Don't forget to look for the June Stitching Bloggers Question of the Month this coming Monday (June 7).  The May question required your thinking caps.  June's question will be easier.  Unless I make it a two-parter.  Or three-parter.  Because we loves the deep thinking.


  1. Be afraid.... because we think just alike. Before I was done reading your post.... I was going to suggest that very same pattern as a quick and cute project.


  2. That patriotic freebie would be perfect --- not too many colors, simple pattern, FREE and very timely.

    Wins all around.

    Looking forward to the SBQ on the 7th. Thanks for bringing it back.

  3. I vote for the Patriotic Freebie. Probably because it's just that time of the year. I always have fits deciding what to stitch when I finish something off.

  4. oh - definitely the Patriotic Freebie, and thank for sharing the link for this. I'd like to stitch this one too.

  5. I was just looking through some old magazines because I was in the mood to stitch something patriotic. That quaker heart may be just the right thing!