Monday, July 05, 2010

July Stitching Bloggers Question

HA!  I’ll bet you all thought that I’d forget to post the July question today, since the first Monday of the month snuck up on us, disguised as a holiday and all that in the US.  Well, truth be told, I almost did forget, particularly since last night’s fireworks were made all the more enjoyable by several glasses of chilled Gewurztraminer, then I had to get up for work this morning (retail sucks).  So today it’s iced tea and ibuprofen.  But anyway….on to the question.

Stitching is an activity that tends to be solitary.  Sometimes I wonder if we choose stitching because we are more comfortable with pursuits that we do alone, or does our stitching cause us to be loners?  So what do you think? 

And you know that I can never stop with just one question or thing to think about, so here’s something else that’s been on my mind. 

Since we’re stitching alone most of the time, it seems to me that we get great joy from coming together with other stitchers.  It can be such a good feeling when we find a group of people who speak our language and understand our stitching excitement and passion.  But since not all stitchers are perfect, not all groups can be perfect either.  So…if you could create your own perfect stitching group, what characteristics would make it perfect?

For instance, would you all be near the same age, or would you like your group to span a generation or two?  Would you enjoy political or religious discussions while you stitch or would that make you shy away?  Would you like a big group or a small group?  Those are just a couple of variables in groups…tell us what’s important to YOU.

You can leave a comment when you’ve answered the question, if you’d like. 


  1. Oh...I have dreamed of having a stitching group come to my home. My ideal group would be of similar age to me and it would be a light-hearted group with lots of laughter and creative ideas. We would enjoy our time as carefree...just enjoying snacks and laughter and friendship...Do you know where I can find these women???? Maybe you will have more luck than I do...Blessings, Dianntha

  2. I love stitching, because I can be alone. I have such a big family that I need something that takes me out of my "normal" life and give me some peace. I tend to turn my laptop on, put headphones on and have an old tv show or music playing in the background while I stitch. It gives me the "me time" that you need.

    I don't know if I'd join a stitching group or not. If I did, I'd want a small very personal group. Other than my Best Friend Cathy, my only other "stitching" friends are in my blog. I tend to be an Odd Ball amongst my friends, but that's ok w/me :O)

  3. I love 90% of my stitching groups. Ideally we would all share the same values, be of mixed ages, mixed skill sets, etc. The love of stitching and basic values would be the ties that binds.


  4. Oh Lee, I just adore your blog :) I posted your questions with a link to your blog, and my answers on my blog, all the while quoting you...I hope that's ok :) What great questions, as always,

    PS, I love your WDW hair color, couldn;t be more perfect :)


  5. The "loner" question...stitching is the one thing I can do that I am totally engrossed in, I find it so relaxing, after dealing with computers and people's problems all day it is a perfect "out" for me to do a little stitching in the evening if I can fit it in.

    Groups...well I meet with 4 other gals once a month, swap houses, hostess fixes the meal..can be take out or whatever. It started with just 2 of us then we added one at a time to our now 5. I love this small group because we can carry on one conversation. We are different ages and I like that, different taste in stitching and different skill levels, which all brings so much to the group...just fun.
    The other group meets about every other month and I love it because I see people that I have been chatting online with and we have really become friends, but it is hard to get around to talk with everyone and there are lots of different conversations going on, again a wide range of ages, skills.
    Actually, just getting together with other stitchers has always been fun, I love it.
    I attend a camp once a year and most of these gals that is how often I see them, but after 11 years it is like seeing old friends, very fun to catch up with them.
    Bet you didn't think you would get a book..LOL

  6. i have two stitching groups. They were both started at my store and have carried on since i have closed. They are both very different. The women at the Thursday night group are about the same age. We have the same values. We have become very close. The wednesday gruop is very different. Our ages are from 40 to 70, with very different lifestyles. Yet we have become very good friends as well. Stitching is something I do but I have always stitched with my family and friends around so I can watch TV or chat when I want to.

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