Saturday, July 10, 2010

My July SBQ Answer

First of all, I hope that I didn’t put anyone off with the first part of the July question.  The part where I questioned whether we enjoy stitching because we like to be alone, or whether needlework pushes us in the direction of being alone.  Except I used the word “loner” which has kind of a negative connotation and I really didn’t mean it that way.  Oh, this trick-sy business of trying to write what I actually mean!  Also, maybe I put too much of my own experience into that part of the question. 

Here’s what I mean:  My stitching life started because I was looking for something that I could do alone.  When Dave and I were newlyweds, I was alone a lot.  On the positive side, my Saturday housework was done in a SNAP!  On the negative side, I had many weekend hours to fill.  I discovered stitching and it filled those hours.

So it’s been interesting to learn that many of you started stitching in group settings and continue to meet and organize and keep your groups going.  See, I just wasn’t thinking that way!  So I’m sorry that the first part of my question was kind of off-putting.  Maybe that’s why there have been relatively few responses to it.

But anyway…

I’ve enjoyed reading the many Perfect Group responses.  When I think about my perfect stitching group, I think I would model it after our neighborhood group that used to meet in the early 90’s.  Here are the things that I think made it perfect:

  1. A nice mix of age groups.
  2. All types of needlework are welcome.  If it gives you joy, bring it!
  3. No pressure to keep up with other members of the group.
  4. Pleasant conversation.  Minimal gossiping. 
  5. Members with a variety of backgrounds and opinions, but it should be understood all that everyone must respect each other, regardless of whether we agree with those opinions or not.  No pushiness, but no hyper-sensitivity, either.

So those are the interpersonal group dynamics that I’d like, but when I think about the actual meeting, I like an after-lunch meeting with coffee and cake or cookies.  I think it would be awesome to have a meeting space in a shop somewhere, too.  Of course, that can be dangerous for our pocketbooks because when you see something that someone else has and you want it….well, it’s right there for you to buy!  Maybe meeting in houses is a better idea.

Not much else is going on around here.  Just a normal work week for everybody.  Except that I finally visited a bookstore that I’ve been wanting to visit for well over a year now!  A friend of mine from book club and I went on a day trip to Oakmont to visit The Mystery Lovers Bookshop.  Last year it won an Edgar Award (for shops) and although it’s small, it’s a beehive of activity.  Neat place.  And it was almost directly across the tracks from The Oakmont Bakery, and if you remember my love affair with cake, you know that I was in heaven. 

It looks like the rest of the weekend will be quiet.  I hope to make some more progress on my Summer Basket and share photos later.


  1. I was not offended at all by your questions. I wholeheartedly agreed. I am very alone in my stitching, except online! I would love to have a group that met around where I live.

  2. I love the Oakmont Bakery. Yum. And Yum.

  3. Your questions didn't bother or offend me. I understood completely what you were getting at. I am a solo stitcher, and completely happy with that. In the end I think it would be a distraction to be in a group. But, sometimes it might be nice.

    Have a great rest of the weekend, and a great week!!


  4. GF, you never offend! I love the questions.

    That bookshop sounds fantastic!!

  5. I love your questions , too and although I don't answer to them on my blog I think about them. And I didn't see a single offending word or point in your last question. At all.
    For me points 4,5 and 6 are the most important. And if I had to choose only one, it would be 5: no gossiping.

  6. Aw. I love your questions. I think I use my stitching time as kind of a meditation. Just to zone out on everything else. I don't know how I'd work in a group. I talk too much. LOL