Monday, July 26, 2010

Our bear is back

Thought you all might get a kick out of this photo, taken by one of my neighbors at 7:30 one morning last week.  He's been enjoying a buffet of sorts each Sunday night, toppling the garbage cans up and down my road.  (Trash pickup is early Monday morning)

I walk or run at about 7:30 each morning, so you can bet that I've been keeping my eyes peeled!  I don't need to be eaten by a bear.


  1. Wow - be careful on your morning outings!

  2. Eek! That's a bit scary! Do you live in the country? Be careful in the mornings!

  3. Oh, I love seeing bears! From personal experience, screaming (whether intentional or not) scares them away.

    I love the look of your blog these days. It's so clean looking. Your book widget is very cool (because above all, be cool), and I appreciate having new ideas about what to read. A Reliable Wife is on my bedside table waiting for me to get to it. I've been kidnapped by The Girl Who Played with Fire.

    So the urge to stitch hasn't been around for a bit? Oh well ... it'll return. Until then, you've got books to read and concerts (Chris Isaak makes my heart go pitty-pat) to attend.

    I've missed you.

  4. Oh my word that is amazing! We don't have bears in England lol except in zoos. Are they not dangerous? Should someone not come and move it on? x

  5. That is too bad that the bear is getting used to the area. :(
    It means they will likely drug him up and move him.

    Do me on alert, but this little black bear is unlikely to attack as there are lots of sources for food that are better than human at this point for him.

  6. Careful! It would not make your day to have a close encounter with a bear. I would jump in the car and lock myself in at first sight!

  7. When we were in Alaska, the dude was suffering from bearanoia. He read all the signs so knew just what to do when we hiked right up to one (he didn't hear us, he was fishing in a waterfall). "Identify yourself as human," was stuck in his head. "Hello, bear. I'm a human." No kidding. The bear took off.

  8. OMG i can't beleive you have a bear in your road!!

    Take care (or take a gun, lol) on your walks

  9. Yeah, wouldn't want you to get eaten by a bear either!

  10. If I saw that, I'd drop dead of a heart attack

  11. Love your of a few that I read religiously

    I'm a National Park Ranger (& stitcher!) in the Sierra Mountains....and I just had to comment on the 'bear story".

    Where you live, you have American Black Bears; even with the name they can have fur that is brown, blond, or red. American Black Bears behave much differently around humans than Grizzly bears(found in Montana, northern Idaho, Canada, and Alaska). Black bears are not naturally agressive towards humans...they are after FOOD! Anything that smells - even suntan lotin - will attract them. When they get a food reward, ie garbage from your trash's an easier way for them to get calories and they'll keep repeating that behaivor as long as they get a food matter how small. When black bears focus only on human food and/or garbage, that's when the problems happen..they get used to being around humans and sometimes they break into sheds (or cars out here in the National Park I work) etc. When a black bear gets to be that kind of a "problem"...they are killed...zoos don't want them - they have enough and relocation doesn't work - they come back to their home range. So, if you want to save a bear's life (and not worry about them on your early morning runs) work with your local or state wildlife agency and find a solution to latching your trash cans so that bears can't get into them. With no food reward...they won't visit your neighborhood again.

    Fun fact: did you know that 95% of a black bears diet consists of vegetation and bugs?

    Sorry for the soap box, but after seeing too many bears destroyed because of bad human behavior, I get very passionate about educating folks on good human behavior so a bear can be saved.

  12. Awesome photo! I love animals and wish New Zealand had more mammals (New Zealand's only native mammal is a small bat).

  13. I love your Summer Basket Lee, very seasonal appropriate!

    Wow, seeing a bear on my walks would totally freak me out. Be careful out there!

    As to the Namesake, I'll have to check it out. I would recommend Major Pettigrew's Last Stand as a great summer read!

    Take care, Lee! Hope your boss won't be too hard on you with his 'while-vacation' ideas!