Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little finish

This was my in-car project from our LONG car trip to San Francisco in the Spring.
I finished it as a very basic cushion.  For some reason the design has the apples kind of floating above the basket, so I added a ribbon.

I started my fall decorating on Sunday, and I think it fits in well.

I'm working on showing you how I put together my flange pillows.  I think they're really easy, but you could get a very similar effect by just piecing your stitching to a strip of fabric for the front and adding a back and stuffing it.  So there's always that option.  I kind of like the way that a flange pillow creates some depth, though.

Anyway, once I get a bit more organized, I'll post something about that.


  1. Beautiful! Boy, that must have been a long car trip! But then we used to do that sort of thing all the time when I was a kid. It was fun! :D

  2. Sweet little project. Perfect for fall!

  3. Nice finish Lee! I must say that the ribbon really jumps out at you... perfect touch.

  4. Very cute finish! The ribbon is a great touch.

  5. Cute finish! The ribbon round it works wonderfully.

  6. A lovely finish. Love the ribbon.