Wednesday, September 08, 2010

September SBQ!

You know, I was all het up for this last week!  Then I came to realize that last week wasn't the first Monday of the month, but rather the LAST Monday of the month.  So what's the inevitable result?  That I forgot to post this on the correct Monday.

But hey...On Monday I was at the beach, where I was enjoying the sun and fun and way too many cocktails.  And you wouldn't have wanted me tipsy and near the water with anything electronic, now would you? 

So...September's question actually comes from another blogger who left me a comment asking about this.  I have to apologize to her...I've gone through all of my comments and emails and I can NOT find her correspondence so that I can give her proper credit (If it's you, step forward, please!) Her question was:

Is there anything that you do while you are stitching that is kind of weird or unusual?  A quirky habit maybe?  Or anything that you do that makes you think, Hey...I wonder if anyone else does this?

So that's it, stitchers!  Now we'll wait to read your answers, so we can say to ourselves, "Well, I may be weird, but at least I don't do that."  (Just kidding...we're all friends here...)


  1. Nope, nothing but tv watching. Boring. Now, ask me what I'm doing while driving..... just kidding.


  2. Good question. My answer's not that interesting, but I posted it anyway.

  3. I made it just in time...