Thursday, September 09, 2010

Things I did over the weekend

Well, besides read, stitch, sleep, eat and have drinks on the beach and by the pool.

We went to see the new Clooney movie, and let me start by telling you...I would have not have read, stitched, slept or eaten all weekend if I had found this hunkaman in the pool.

Yup, George Clooney totally does it for me.

But not his latest movie, The American.  Good lord, what a snore!  How could someone that I've adored so much in other movies produce this movie?  It was less exciting than watching paint dry.  It  was beyond boring.  And I don't say this lightly, because I'll put up with a lot to see two hours of Clooney.

Do you remember the Warner Brothers cartoon with the singing frog who won't sing in front of an audience?  And the fellow would put the frog on stage and open the curtains and there would be nothing there but a scowling frog and the sound of crickets?  Well,  this will be one of those "you had to be there" type of anecdotes, but there was actually a cricket hiding somewhere in the movie theater and listening to its occasional chirps was oddly appropriate.  And a guy down front was yawning loudly from time to time, but nobody shushed him.  We didn't have the heart.

So don't go.  It'll just make you sad.


  1. Ouch! That's harsh! And coming from a George Clooney fan, I know it's honest. Thanks for letting us know. lol!

  2. I made a brief mention on my blog of going to this over the weekend, too. I left any real reviews out but here's what happened when we were walking in..... a lady was coming out and we overheard her say... all he did was have sex and shoot people. Sort of got our hopes up. Save the $8 and watch it on dvd, if you must.


  3. Oh now just RATS. I was looking forward to seeing this one. Thank you for risking yourself to save us all from terminal boredom.

    But OH that photo of George!

  4. I'll cross that movie off my list. Thanks.

  5. You are TOTALLY WRONG about this movie. Slow paced, yes. But so refreshing. So 1970s. So Sergio Leone.

  6. Ok, why did my mind go to the gutter when I read your title and saw a pic of George? I can understand why you would want to brag but, what about the hubby?

    Sorry - Smiles - Denise

  7. I remember the frog! Great photo of George... too bad about the movie.

  8. Thanks for the review, I will move that one to the rent list from see in theatres. :)

  9. My husband said. "Just post that picture on your computer and stare at it for two hours." LOL

  10. I so remember the singing frog!I so loved that cartoon because it really was a great take on life.

    Sorry the movie was a disappointment. I so liked him in, and the movie Up in the Air.