Monday, September 27, 2010

Things to pack for camp

So let's get ready for Stitch Camp Season!  Now, maybe you're not a veteran camper like some of us.  And really, even an experienced camper may get to camp only to find out that she's missing some important piece of equipment.  One of the pleasures of camp is that they are usually out in the countryside and so your camp is probably miles from the nearest Whatever-Mart, so it pays to be prepared.  Seriously - check out the list prepared last year by Ms. Stitch Bitch, because it's surely the best one I've seen.

But if you want to be a truly memorable that the other campers will talk about for years to'll want to consider MY list, too.  (I just love the fall catalog season)

First of all, nobody will remember you if you are a wallflower.   Sure, you can try to be the Funny One, but that's a lot of pressure.  You can be the Loud Voiced One, but that gets you nothing but a sore throat (and sometimes dirty looks).  So here's your solution:  You can be the One Who Knows Everything.  Personally, I like to bone up on my knowledge about everything before I go to camp, but you can pack this book and then set it on your table so that everyone will realize that YOU are the one to ask about everything.  In fact, don't wait till they ask you.  People love a person who knows everything, so why make them wait?  Speak up!  Everyone is probably just waiting to know where they can order their salmon skin bikini.  ('s probably in this same catalog)

Then we have our clothing.  Comfortable clothing is a really big deal at camp.  So make sure that you pack your comfy shoes and I even like to take slippers that can double as a shoe for a quick trip outside. they make pajamas like that?  Why yes, they do! Pack your double-duty lounge pants and nobody will know that you've spent the day in your pajamas.  So I've decided to switch from this, which was my usual outfit: 

To this outfit.  Because you know I love a cowboy theme.

Ok, we've covered conversation and comfort, now we can finally address our snacks.  Personally, I always begin my day with coffee, and everyone else usually has some neat-o mug with a stitchy saying.  Why not make their mornings memorable with YOUR mug.

Fellow campers love it when you give them too much information.

Besides our meals (and they're usually fabulous!) campers like to bring snacks to pick at through the day.  You can be a real Debbie Downer and remind your stitching companions about the dangers of over eating, or you can just give them a set of these!  Everyone will thank you.

Oh and finally, a truly memorable camper will probably end her evening with cocktails.  But you don't have to worry about spilling your cocktail on anyone's lovely stitching when you have this handy accessory.  It's also helpful because I don't like to share.  And don't think I won't know if you come around and steal one. 

I'm partial to the pink one.

Now go pack for camp!


  1. LOL. Why are you on this catalog's mailing list?

  2. OMG!! I died laughing at your "before" outfit. I wear that around the house all the time. LOL. There are so many disturbing things on your list. Where do people get the idea that others will actually buy this stuff? Please make sure you give a detailed report on camp. I always love to hear about them!

  3. You are too funny Lee! I can hardly wait for "our" camp. Although I know I don't have the shape for either type of louge-wear. And I don't have the unique of a coffee mug either. Will I still be allowed in?

    Off to look for that book.


  4. Oh, Man! I thought that picture of me in my nighty was just between us campers! Geez. Is nothing sacred??

    Love ya.

  5. I have no words!!! LOL!!! But that coffee cup cracked me'd be perfect for my hubby- he's a plumber! LOL...Well, you are well prepared if you pack all this!!! Ha ha...but I fear for your fellow campers!

  6. I'm not sure I'd want to attend camp with you....and certainly would not want to share a room with you! ;)

  7. What a great way to start my day, Lee! I'm just cracking up here...

    Can't wait for our trip in 5 weeks :) (BUT, you'd better not be wearing either outfit in our room!!)

  8. Thank you so much for the laughs this morning!

  9. Where in the world did you get those pictures???

    That drink holster would be perfect for me! Will it hold bottles too?

    Must get started on my list...

  10. OMG! Thanks for the snickers!

  11. Perfect gifts for that hard to buy relative who has everything!
    Last year I gave my PITA brother a 'gag' gift. it was an egg separator with a face on one said and the white part of the egg came through one of the nostrils! The lady in the gift shop said they were big sellers too.