Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hanging out in Ohio

Ohio and I have become good friends over the past month or so.  My little red (station) wagon has visited Wooster, Cedarville, Westerville and Delaware recently, mostly for my daughter's cross country meets.  The poor kid is struggling this year, and for as much as we are motivated to see her when she's running well, we feel doubly motivated to see her when she struggles.  So about every two weeks, I-70 and I become reacquainted.  And I-70?  If you're listening?  Please reopen some of your rest areas.  And don't call it a rest area if the vending machines are open but the bathrooms are closed.

By the way, are all Ohio residents Ohio State fans?  It seems like these meets always coincide with Ohio State home football games and this Pitt girl feels wildly out of place.

Here are a few photos of Friday's meet - the All Ohio Championship.  Our Wooster girls were in the first slot at the beginning, meaning that they started at the far left of the line.  That's not a good place to be if you're running, but nice if you're a picture-taking parent.

At first glance, the course appeared to be flat, but really it was just disguising gradual but very long uphill climbs.  In other words it wasn't as easy as it looked.  Miami University (Ohio) literally ran away with the Men's and Women's titles.  Five men set course records, with the winner setting the new bar with a 24:11 finish of the men's  8K course.  One woman set a new record also, with a 17:12 finish in the women's 5K.  

Hey, I'm so glad that you guys like my Favorite Posts of the Month page.  It's a lot of fun for me to revisit your posts as I write it.  I've finished the September 2010 page and you can find it here.


  1. Lee - you are passing within 30 minutes of my house! And you missed a LNS in Berlin! Cross My Heart is in Columbus - you NEED to stop there too.

    To answer your question - Most Ohio residents are OSU fans - we can be rabid about football. And for some reason they (ODOT) are closing many rest areas!

    Tell DD good luck at the next meet!
    Smiles - Denise

  2. Good luck to your daughter with her meets! I know I-70 in other states pretty well. lol! Closing rest areas isn't a good thing at all. Restrooms desperately needed!

  3. Yes, Ohio is Buckeye crazy. But I went to grad school there and I don't even own a piece of OSU clothing, shame on me! On Saturdays especially, people are decked out in their gear. Some ladies even wear these stupid Buckeye necklaces made out of real nuts and red ribbon.

    Sorry Colleen is struggling with the running. That was a huge meet! Kind of happy for Miami of course :).

  4. I have to say, as an Ohio resident (albeit unwillingly at times) and a Bowling Green graduate, not EVERYONE here is an OSU fan. Come further north and you encounter equally overwhelming Michigan fans. It gets a tad unpleasant here during "Big Game" week...

    Give us a buzz if these cross country meets ever make it up Toledo/Bowling Green way...

  5. Good luck to your daughter, I hope all the struggling will pay off!