Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm running away from home

Well, not until November.  Some of you guys have asked where I'm going.  I'm not attending an organized camp this year.  I like stitch camps and organized stitching retreats.  In fact, I like them a lot. I've never had what I'd call a bad experience.  (Although nothing is ever perfect, those little imperfections have never been a big deal.)  But I'm really looking forward to changing things up a bit this year.  So my November trip will be more like a girls' getaway with stitching.

We're staying in an almost-perfect place that we found near Erie, PA. The only thing that wasn't perfect about it was that the Bed and Breakfast we chose filled up for that weekend almost immediately and that was all the way back in the beginning of May.  I feel like we were very lucky to get our rooms, because when I tried to make a room change a week later, I was told sorry...everything else is booked.  Really.  Back on May 8!

Apparently it's a Harvest Wine weekend for the Chautauqua Lake Erie Wine Trail or something like that and all of the wine lovers will be there.  So tell me...what vintage of boxed of wine is appropriate to take to a Wine Trail weekend?


  1. Wine?? I have no idea but it all sounds very lovely. xx

  2. oh dear, Stitchers and Wine...hummmm sounds like a lovely place to be. I sure hope you have a nice time away and that you are able to get a stitch in and a sample or two of the bubbly of your choice
    Be always in stitches

  3. It's it's a wine trail weekend, you'll probably be able to acquire a wine there, no problem...

  4. Sounds like you'll have a great time!

  5. Hi Lee,
    I grew up in Erie and considered Lake Erie to be my playground every season of the year. If you feel the need to stretch your legs, and you can bear to pull yourself away from your stitching and wine, please visit Presque Isle state park. It's a breathtaking 3,000 acre spit of sand jutting into Lake Erie. You can just take a 40 minute scenic drive and enjoy the autumn colors, or stop and sit on the beach for a spell. I visit my Mum in Erie every few weeks and never miss a chance to "take a ride around the peninsula".
    Enjoy your stitching, friends and wine getaway.
    Chris in NY