Thursday, October 07, 2010


Gag.  Had one of the dreaded whatever-oscopies this morning.  I'm certainly glad it's over and done with.  Needless to say, Gatorade will not ever get past my lips again.

Yesterday, since I work at home, I was able to work most of the day, which was a good thing because working actually helped keep my mind off of all of the things that I was wishing I could eat.  Late in the afternoon I plunked myself down in front of the TV and finished a Pine Mountain kit.  It was my take-along car project this fall and it was perfect.  I just needed to make the pillow insert and take its picture....

Today while I'm taking it easy, I'll answer my October SBQ, too.  To remind you,
Where do you fall in the birth order of your family?  Do you think that birth order traits have had an effect on your choice of hobby and craft? How so?

I've already told you all that I'm the oldest of five children in my family.  We were all born within 2-3 years of each other (and how my mother dealt with all of those cloth diapers, I'll never know).  I actually do display about half of the characteristics of a first born, but I don't think we can all be painted with a broad brush stroke based on our birth order traits.  I think that the point that Alfred Adler was trying to make was that humans are social beings and as such we are influenced by social situations.  My social experience in our family was different than the situation that my youngest brother experienced.

And who controls that early social experience more than our parents?  If your parents treat you in a certain way as a first born, I believe it has an effect on your personality.  My parents (rightly or wrongly) always gave me a lot of responsibility around the house especially when they charged me to take care of the younger kids.  They also laid it on thick when it came to "setting a good example" for my brothers and sisters.  I'll always feel that I walked a pretty thin, yet clearly delineated line.  And I still do.

I think that early upbringing had a big influence on my choices as an adult.  I started off my vocational life as a counselor, but discovered early on that it wasn't a good career for me.  The exact science in the textbooks didn't match up to the real world.  Duh?  But it took 4 years of undergraduate work, 2 years of graduate  school and 5 years of working for me to figure that out.  Luckily my math minor came in handy in later years and I discovered that I was a pretty good bookkeeper.  I like it when things add up.  Love my columns of numbers and my reports.  I like it when people ask me for a report and use my data for important decisions.  It's perfect for me.

As for stitching, I love the precision and the way that things line up just so.  I'm learning to love to switch things up a bit, but the crux of the craft is still its precision. 

So I guess that's a long answer to a short question.  I'm the oldest daughter of my family but I think it's more a case of upbringing than a case of birth order that has formed my personality and directed me to the world of needlework.


  1. Lining up and precision - yes!

    Sorry about procedure but glad it's done and you're OK. I had my first one in 2007, thanks to family history. Hoping I will have forgotten all before it's time for the next one.

  2. Great finish on the pillow! I am the first born of 2 kids. I do make a lot of craft things and I have a brother who is 7 years younger than me. Big age different and we are nothing alike. He has talent. He restores old cars. I am always laughing and like to be around people. He is quite and a loner. So I don't know what made us so much different from each other? I am like my Dad and he is like my mother... LOL

  3. I've got nothing to offer on the birth order, but do have to wonder what the heck it is about our doctors' constant need to see our insides! I've been thru some 'intersting' tests and have more to look forward to. I just wish I could sleep thru all of them! OY.

  4. Nice pillow! Sorry about the ugh test. Hope you're through it now. I'm not sure what it is that makes me a stitcher/quilter. I'll have to think on that.

  5. We always kid and say my mom had 2 batches of kids, 6 with my dad and then 3 with my stepdad.
    I was the youngest of the first batch and always felt like the oldest of the 2nd batch because my siblings were always off doing stuff and getting married, etc and I was home with the little ones. Well, for awhile until I left home.
    I always had big responsibilities and like you Lee, was expected to set examples.
    I have a degree in accounting, loved the order of things, but I like to socialize and found out most accountants don't, so got a business degree and did some with that, taught for a bit, and finally ended up in an IT dept, which i love. Gives me a wide variety of things to do, and problem solving at the top.
    I do like things to add up and I do like to know how they got there, so I think that is why I like cross stitching.
    I hope this makes sense.

  6. Birth order is so interesting. We were talking about it one day and found that everyone is my department was either the oldest or the youngest with a big gap between them and the next sibling. Very interesting.

    I love numbers too!

  7. Nice pillow finish! Sorry about the ugh exam. :P

    I don't know how I feel about the birth order thing, but have found a lot of similarities between me and my middle daughter in personalities. It's interesting, though, because my husband is smack dab in the middle of seven children, and there isn't much in the way of birth order traits in his family. The older children did get more expectations of responsibility for the younger siblings, and the father did dote more on the youngest two daughters... who knows. Interesting discussion!

  8. Sorry about the procedure, glad it's done!

  9. Glad your "oscopy" is done - never any fun! Love the PM pillow - haven't seen this one!
    I'm the baby and the only girl to boot. Was I spoiled? No, I really wasn't, but I have traits of several birth orders. Must have been running around after my brothers and trying to stick with them! :)

  10. Glad your procedure is over, Lee--are you good for another 10 years now?

    Love the pillow--it is so light and springy (is that a word?)...beautiful fabrics and ribbon, too!

  11. Ugh I'd hate to have one of those oscopies. Any sort of oscopy would fill me wil dread I think! I hope the results are good.

    Your pillow us gorgeous.

  12. That's a great little finish. I just love little pillows finished with ribbons and buttons etc.

  13. Glad your procedure is done, but at least it allowed you more time to finish that great pillow (spoken by a non-coffee-drinking tea lover!)

  14. I haven't had an -oscopy yet, but I did have to do a Barium swallow into a lower GI scan. No prep, but I ended up spending 7 hours in the hospital because they couldn't find something internally. LOL. Turns out that my appendix is in the wrong spot, so they couldn't find the one junction they needed to see. Had to bring in the chief radiologist to find it. Anyway, glad you got it over with and that it went okay. Your pillow finish is gorgeous! I love paisley patterns, so the fabric on the left side of the pillow is just yummy!!!