Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of NaBloPoMo

And I've managed 25 posts in 30 days.  Not perfect, but not bad overall.

I've put the finishing touches on my November Favorites page.  You all are so inspiring! 

Is anybody else sick of turkey?  I've eaten leftover turkey so much in the past few days that I think I'm growing a wattle.

Tonight I need to finish my book club book:  The French Gardener.  It's so NOT my style of book.  But I'll finish it because I'm a book club member, dammit, and how can I criticize them for not reading my book if I don't follow through on their book?  I think I need a break from this club for a couple months. 


  1. Well, I for one, am sad the month is over. At least I could count on finding 1 or 2 new posts to read each day. Now, who knows?


  2. I too am sick of the turkey. We bought a big one, thinking that my sister and her kids would put a dent in the leftovers. 2 of her kids didn't eat hardly anything that didn't come out of a can or from a fast food joint. Grrrr....

  3. Our turkey was gone in no time! That's the nice thing about having three grown (growing) kids. My second son was just complaining that there isn't any left.

    I am sad November is over too. December is such a lot of work. I will miss having lots of new posts to read.

  4. That's why I'm so happy we ate at my cousin's. Left all the leftovers to her!

    I love your posts of the month. I get to see some of the highlights of what's out there--and add a few new reads to my list! Thanks.

  5. HOpe you will get a few stitches in on Live Laugh Love! I have been stitching but didn't post...will definitely post my progress after stitching tonight.

  6. Good Lord, woman! Now I have about a billion new blogs on my reading list - thank you for your deep research efforts!

    Mary in MN

  7. I am sick of Ham !! and is that same book club that is not open to any new books not sat in 1940's?? LOL I think I would take a break from them too!! lol

  8. You did great on your November blog posting, Lee! Look at me and my measly three posts :)

    Love seeing all of your "blog goodies" for November--you sure read a lot of blogs! I always think I've seen them all, but there were several new ones on your list. Thanks for all your digging, linking, etc!

  9. YGG on having managed 25 posts!! I'm lucky if I get two in per month. Or, maybe that's that the readers are lucky! LOL

    Here's to a great December!