Saturday, November 20, 2010

Last night's stitching

It's another dreary day.  Thank goodness I'm addicted to collecting very bright stitching lamps, or else this photo would be awfully gray.

I left off stitching in mid-leaf last night.  Why did I do that? 

Today my Thanksgiving job is to dust off the china and crystal and make sure I have enough serving plates and bowls.  And to go to Altmeyers for some extra hot pads.  I never think about them until I'm hunting around for them at 4:55 for serving a 5:00 meal. And then I only have, like, three and I'll probably need five. 

So if having enough hot pads is the only thing that goes right on Thursday?  Well, I'll still consider the meal a success.


  1. Your Santa is gorgeous!
    I want that pattern, lol!
    Good luck with Thanksgiving :D

  2. He's beautiful! Another finish for the year! Yippee!

    Good luck finding your dishes and having your meal!

    Smiles - Denise

  3. absolutely beautiful, great work

  4. Your Santa is lovely. I'm just catching up and love your La D Da WIPS in your other post.

  5. Beautiful Santa - I love Prairie Schooler - I am working on all the Redwork Santas for Christmas ornaments. Thanks for reminding me to get hot pads I never think of it either until it is too late and can't find any!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  6. Love your Santa, he is just too cute.

    Hot pads. A couple of years ago I came across some silicone hot pads, I used them as stocking stuffers for the DILs and got me one. I love it, reminds me I would like to have more, going to put that on my shopping list.

    I have the count down thing for holidays too. Makes my life easier.

    Love all you other pieces too.

    Glad you are done with the dentist, no love lost here either.