Sunday, November 14, 2010

My answer to Thankful

There are so many times when I’ve been thankful for my ability to stitch.  There have been some really button-busting moments, like when my brother, a grown man, cried when I gave his baby son a simple and sweet sampler.  There have been some blue ribbons and red ribbons at fairs.  I know this is very vague, but there have been times when stitching has made me feel connected when I was in a disconnected state of mind.  And there have been times that my stitching has opened a world of new friendships for me. 

But there is one time that stands out in my mind, front and center, so I’ll tell you about that.  Back in 2007 I was scheduled to go to a cross stitch retreat, but my dad had just died.  And I mean just.  We buried him on a Monday and the retreat started Thursday.  So I was really raw.  A wreck.  I didn’t want to go, but my husband told me that maybe it would be good for me, so I went. (Love that guy.  He can be so smart.)

What a blessing.  I can’t tell you how peaceful it was, sending my needle in and out and listening to the other ladies talking.  I didn’t have to be….anything.  Just a stitcher.  And just like the constant motion of the needle, I could feel that life went on again.  It may not have been the same, but it went on. 

So I’ll always be thankful that my stitching brought me to that retreat and gave me peace while I was there.


  1. My condolences on your father's passing. This is such a sad and difficult time for you. What a comfort it must have been to be together with your friends at the retreat and just let that needle and thread work on the healing process.

    Take care.

  2. You've just shown another example of what a blessing stitching can be - and I'm thankful for the blessings that bloggers like you are to me! Thank you for sharing.

  3. That's a lovely post, Lee. I think we are blessed when we can find something to do that we love.

    Was just catching up on your previous posts. I did love "Dave's addiction" and yes, I did laugh! (thank you!)

  4. Beautiful post, Lee. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm sorry for your loss of your Dad.

    I was stitching a piece when my Dad was ill. Ironically, it was called "Love Grows Here."

    It was so comforting to be able to spend time with him and stitch to occupy such sad days. This is still one of my most treasured pieces and it's 15 years old! Everytime I look at it I'm reminded of him and our special last days together.

    I agree, life goes on but it definitely is changed without Dad.

    Our stitching does bring peace to us(and others)in so many ways.

    Love your blog :) Hopefully you will come on over and visit mine.

  5. What a beautiful post. When I give gifts I've stitched to friend and family, I always tell them that each stitch was accompanied by a thought or a prayer...

  6. Beautiful post Lee. You expressed it so well.

  7. Truly beautiful post that has me now crying because I know exactly how you feel. You expressed exactly how stitching is therapy.

  8. My deepest condolence on your lost. I am truly touch by your words.

  9. What a nice true it can be too.

  10. What a lovely post Lee. The stitching retreat will have been the perfect place to give you some peace and healing.

  11. Stitching just lets us all be who we are. So sorry to hear of your father's passing.


  12. It is so wonderful that you were able to find solace in an incredibly difficult time.