Friday, November 26, 2010

The SAL continues

I'm a little late showing my progress here, what with the holiday and all of its preparations.  Tuesday I barely managed 30 minutes, but on Wednesday I needed to calm down a little and this was close at hand, so LLL got another 30 minutes.

I hope that you all had a lovely day yesterday, whether it was out and about with lots of family or curled up cozy and quiet in your house.  My daughter and I went to the local Turkey Trot early in the morning yesterday.  For one reason or another (mostly that it was raining and I kept waffling about going), I got there 5 minutes late.  As in AFTER the start.  Yuck.  So I had to run the first half mile even to catch the end of the pack of walkers.  Through the rest of the race I moved up into near the middle of the walking pack, but I have no idea what my time was.  I literally walked through the chute and directly to my car so I could get cooking!  And after running the first half mile, my time wouldn't have been anything meaningful anyway. 

Well, the holiday Candied Sweet Potato discussion went exactly as I said it would.  I just sat back and smiled.  And in Wednesday's post I should have mentioned that my MIL is a great person.  She's 84 years old now and so she's bound to have her quirks.  And all in all, she's a very good sport when we tease her.  But she's fun to write about.

My mother, on the other hand?  More drama than you'd ever imagine.  I won't even go there.

Today is turkey soup day.  Yesterday I had two turkeys.  We decided to try a smoked turkey from a barbecue place, so on Wednesday I had picked up this giant sized, fully cooked and smoked bird.  But on Thursday I also roasted a turkey breast, just in case nobody liked the smoked turkey.

The result?  They all liked the smoked turkey well enough, but preferred my traditional roasted turkey.  Although I think that the smoked turkey would have been good if it had been served at a party maybe, with cold salads and snacks.

So anyway, I'm making soup from the roasted breast, and I took the wings off the smoked turkey and put them in another soup pot   I'm not sure how the smoked turkey will cook up as soup.

Do any of you know?  Have you made soup from a smoked turkey? 

Pitt vs WVU at 12 noon.  Besides being the one game that I try never to miss, it also means a couple hours out of the kitchen and off my feet!

Go Pitt!


  1. I read your candied sweet potato conversation the other day but didn't have time to comment. At our house, it's the cranberry sauce. My mom is the only person that eats it. But every year I buy a can of the jellied kind, slice it, put it out, and then throw all but one slice away at the end of the day. Every year is the same conversation. "Doesn't anyone else eat the cranberry sauce?"... you know the rest! I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I really enjoy it.

  2. When I was a little girl and we went to my grandmother's house for was my great-grandmother's frozen pear salad that was equivilant to your candied sweet potato conversation. However, between tradition & the fact that no one wanted to mess around with Great-grandmother, it was tolerated. I am just glad that I was too young to be served the stuff.

  3. LLL is lokking great !!! The smoked Turkey sounds good. I may have to try some next year!

  4. Lee, what do you put into your turkey soup, that is besides the turkey? I'm thinking of making some this year and am looking for ideas.

  5. I have to confess that I threw my turkey carcass out in the garbage. I just couldn't deal with it after all the cooking I did in the days prior to Thanksgiving. We made smoked turkey for the first time and it was delicious!

  6. I watched the game and the Pitties faces resembled those of WVU in 2007!!!!

  7. Love smoked turkey and it's great cold at a buffet. My team of runners opted out of the turkey trot because of the rain and cold. It was 40 min. away so I'm glad they did. Sweet potatoes? Never #1 in my book!

  8. Let us know how the smoked turkey soup goes! I can almost imagine a chowder with gruyere on top...

  9. I absolutely love your La D Da WIP. Beautiful colours.

  10. Lee, your LLL is looking great. Love the colours.

    Glad your family dinner went well, and isn't it nice that some things never change? ;-)