Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa has arrived!

Well, actually six Santas!  I've already received the Santa charts I purchased from the ebay seller.  I paid for them on the 23rd and had them in my hand on the 27th, and there was even a holiday thrown into the middle there!

So I've more or less rounded out my collection of the PS Santa cards with this order, and I also picked up the Kris Kringle leaflet (PS # 62).  Last year Carol stitched one of these Santas for me and I've wanted the leaflet ever since.  There are still two cards that I'm missing.  One I don't particularly care for and the other I honestly don't remember.  So I'm happy!

Anyway, I said that I'd tell you the seller's name after I received my order and decided that it was a good experience.  So I think I can safely recommend  Handmade N More over on ebay.  Maybe you'll find something that's been on your wishlist?


  1. thanks for the link..I will check it out...have a relaxing Sunday.....

  2. Wow, that's fast! Have fun with Santas.