Monday, November 29, 2010

They are gone...

And I am tired.

And I'll get the house in order again and then guess what?  They'll be back.

I only worked one day last week, so I have loads of job-type catching up to do. 

I sure would love a cozy chair and a cup of coffee and some time to stitch!


  1. Holidays can surely take a lot out of you...but they are fun! You have permission to cozy up in the chair, coffee in hand and relax...ahhhhh

  2. Oh that chair is just waiting for you - It sounds like you need a break - I hope you get some quiet time soon :)

  3. I hope that you get some quiet time soon. This time of year is always hectic!

  4. Hope you find a few relaxing minutes soon.

    I've just been looking at your Nov 2010 faves - thank you for including me (again!) :) In answer to your question, sadly, no, I don't have a treasure trove of older charts and a secret password a la Indiana Jones (but thanks for the giggle!) (unless you count the Sheepish Alpha charts, but that's it. Honest). In fact, I have so few charts left in my stash now that I would struggle to do the crazy January challenge that everyone's talking about. How scary is that?!

  5. Thanks for including me in the favorites. Such a fun place to find myself. Also, I have been slacking on my Cake Wrecks reading so thanks for the chuckle.


  6. I couldnt agree with you more,,my son Jesse leaves today and boy the last week has been go go go..and I am so looking forward to some quiet time,,well try and get some before the next batch shows up..Merry Christmas...