Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On Tuesdays and Thursdays (and almost always one weekend day), I walk with a buddy.  On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the other weekend day, I walk alone.  It's a nice mix, because walking alone can get lonely, but being with someone else all the time can get tiresome. 

So today I was alone and feeling pretty good.  I got a little lost in the music, which is nice.  And as usual my mind flits here and there, often landing on whatever project is in my HandiClamps.  Today it was La D Da's Live, Love, Laugh.  I've been admiring that forever.  Bought it at the shop hop in May and finally got it started over the weekend. 

But am I foolish to start anything at this time of year?  Because shortly I'll be wishing and dreaming about a bunch Christmas projects and "LLL" will be gathering dust. 

If I had a plan (and if I stuck to a plan) I could probably choose one day each week to stitch LLL.  But I've only ever stuck to a stitching plan once in my life and that was only because I had a partner.  So maybe what I need is a SAL partner. 

How about it?  Any takers?


  1. Sounds like it would be fun...but I have not picked that up yet...

  2. I love the La D Da Live Laugh Love and would love to SAL with you but I am about to sink already with holiday stitching.LOL I don't dare to start anything else.

  3. Oh...I have this one in my stash just screaming to be stitched! This would be great motivation for me to finally get it going. I will stitch with you...just let me know when and where. go pull it out.

  4. I just looked at that pattern today and thought I should stitch it as a Christmas gift, or for me. I don't have the threads...are you using silks? Would love to stitch along!

  5. I am way too unstructured to do a SAL like that. I'd be too unreliable and I have too much on the go already. Several of my projects make my family speculate whether they will be done before I die. I know. How supportive!
    I love getting lost in the music too.

  6. Enjoy stitching LLL! It is such a 'feel good' one to stitch!