Thursday, December 09, 2010

Big Santa

Things you do when you don't have the phone or internet for a weekend: Part Three

You finish a big Santa.  He's still waiting for me to make him into a pillow, though.

I'm starting to feel that Christmas panicky feeling.  Maybe once I get my baking started, it'll go away.  There's nothing like a warm snickerdoodle to calm me down.

I received some bad news yesterday.  My hairdresser is moving.  To freakin' North Carolina.  How can he do this to me?  After all of these years of having me sit in his chair, he should know that I don't adapt to change well at all.  And that means that despite all of his coaching, he's not going to be here to see the final phase of my gray hair experiment

My daughter's hairdresser has moved recently, too.   Not quite as far (Ohio) but far enough.  So now both of the women in my house are faced with having really bad hair for quite a while.  We'll probably mourn for six weeks, then seek out other hairdressers (who won't do our hair nearly as well).  So we'll bounce from salon to salon until we just land somewhere and stay because we'll be tired of the hunt.

It's a sad day.


  1. I'm hoping to do a bit of baking tomorrow. And some online shopping.

    I can't believe your hairdresser is moving. When mine changed shops, I started using the young lady in the next chair. But I was ready for a bit of a change (and I love the way she does my hair). I hope you and your daughter find someone great soon. I do hear North Carolina is a pretty nice place to visit! :)

  2. I am sorry about your thoughtless hairdresser.

    Nice Santa finish, though.


  3. Hey hey.... Easy on that NC stuff!hahahahahaha....We need hairdressers too....right?? lol..

    Love your Santa!!!

  4. I hate having to change hairdressers!! And your Santa is great.

  5. There is nothing worse than having to find a new hairdresser. I feel for you. Nice Santa.

  6. After some very bad experiences with hairdressers I can fully understand you. I hope that my hairdresser will stay here as long as I do.
    This PS Santa is gorgeous. He's one of my favourites.

  7. I had this happen a couple of years ago and the panic I felt!!!!! Luckily I've now got one who is just as wonderful so I hope you have the same luck! You have been very productive with no internet or phone! Well done!

  8. She enjoys the time, Santa is so beautiful.

    I hope you get a good hairdresser very soon

  9. Santa is terrific! Good luck with the hairdresser. I've been avoiding mirrors for the past while because I desperately need to find a new hairdresser too. That's as much fun as going to the dentist.

  10. I feel your hairdresser pain. I figure I've got until the second week of January to find someone new myself.

    Love the Santa!

  11. Your giant Santa is wonderful, Lee--one of my favorites. He will look great made into a pillow and sitting alongside the one you stitched last year...

    Hairdresser drama--ugh! I've been going to mine for 10 years and just hope he stays put. Not only does he make my hair look nice, but he's like my monthly therapist, too :)

  12. My hairdresser has been with me longer than my children! Though she always forgets that I don't like hairspray and gooey stuff on my hair I have stuck with her. I always feel guilty that my tips are too small (what is a good tip amount anyway?).

    Santa is super cute! You are making great progress with your stitching these days.