Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmastime running around

We had a really busy (but very pleasant) day yesterday.  Dave and I like to pick one day during the Christmas season to finish up our Christmas shopping and to have a nice dinner out somewhere.  So yesterday we left the house at 9AM and got back at 9PM, and I know that sounds long, but it was so much fun that we hardly noticed.

I hope to have some pictures of our trees and of the train layout soon, but I'm not quite finished with all of the inside decorating yet. 

I've been stitching a small BBD stocking for my sister.  I'm not ready for photos of that yet either. 

But I can tell you go to here to see a couple cute little Christmas designs.  Who doesn't love a nice freebie?


  1. I'd much rather spend a very long day out shopping and get it all done. We have most of ours done except for my parents who are hard to shop for. Next up: wrapping!

  2. Wow. Pete and I finished our shopping in two hours today--and that includes lunch at 5 Guys. Of course, the dude has no tolerance for shops.

  3. Isn't it funny how we eventually figure these things out.

    We've been having our Christmas shopping day and dinner for years - pretty much a date day.

    Early on in our marriage we'd plan that, but my husband who love to shop (not me!) would turn the day into more looking at stuff we could not possibly afford and then I had to go do the real shopping on a different day. As I was an at home Mom of three then - I would be unhappy at the loss of any actual accomplishment. THAT'S when we turned it into a straightforward fun day.

    Mary in MN

  4. Whew, that does sound like a long day! I like shopping all at once too, then I have a list and a plan and I don't forget who is getting what.

  5. I wish I could devote a day to shopping. We made a dent in ours on Saturday, and I've done some online shopping, but there's more to do.

    I *love* the little Noel ornament. I have someone in mind, if I can just find the time to stitch.