Monday, December 06, 2010

The December SBQ

Many stitchers really kick it up a notch over the winter holidays.  Christmas, Hanukah,  the New Year, Kwanza - whatever holiday you choose to celebrate usually means that we’re stitching something gift or holiday-related.   Tell us your best story about some holiday stitching.


  1. Every year my hubby's family has a family Christmas party. My sister-in-law is a crafter and when we stopped giving gifts to anyone but Grandma she started making one small thing per family. I make ornaments for each family - this year Santas from Prarie Schooler. I am also stitching a towel for Grandma. I love stitching Christmas designs!

  2. Twice I've been sewing together the cross stitched stockings minutes before it was time to fill them. Another year I was finishing a cross stitch wall hanging Christmas eve. Then there was the year I made those fluffy knit scarves for the girls. I had to stay up watching late night tv the last few nights right up until Christmas because THERE WAS A SNOW DAY THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL BEFORE CHRISTMAS VACATION! Hello? Let ME drive them there! OY. What we do to ourselves.