Friday, December 10, 2010


Things you do when you don't have a phone or internet:  Fourth and final installment

You get off your butt and make the 45 minute drive to pick up your framing.

I had one of those 60% off coupons at Joann Fabrics in my hot little hands a couple of weeks ago, so I picked through the mess of things in my cupboard that were waiting to be framed.   They had called me just before the phones went out to tell me it was ready, so off we went!

I loved stitching La D Da's Quaker Alphabet.  I wish I had time to whip through all of the Quaker designs in my stash! 

I actually finished this in May, 2009.

Fabric: 28ct. Lugana that I coffee and tea dyed, using Vonna's Bake and Baste Method.

Lettering: DMC 535

Dark green: About half is stitched with Vicki Clayton Premium Hand dyed silk named Ceibo. The other half is DMC 520. If you want to use all silk, you'd need at least 10 yards. I only had 5 on hand. Personally, I loved the Ceibo and the DMC 520 wasn't a perfect match (a little too much yellow in the green), but it was the best I could do. Really - spring for the 10 yards of VC hand dyeds. I would have if I had planned to kit this up from the beginning, but this project was more about experimenting with fabric dying and using up some existing thread stash.

Light green: VC Premium silks, but I've lost the color tag. It's almost an exact match to DMC 3816. Five yards was enough.

I have some progress to post on my Live Love Laugh Stitchalong, but I'm going to wait for the sun to come out a bit before I take a photo.  In the meantime, run on over to Karen's blog to see her progress.   She changed up the color palette a bit and I'm loving her choices! 


  1. That looks fabulous! Love the pretty blues and they way they look on your hand-dyed fabric. The frame is perfect for showing off your work!

  2. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! I think maybe I should wish for my internet to go out, too, if I would be as productive as you've been, Lee!

  3. Beautiful finish! love the frame.

  4. Lee, this is beautiful. I love your color choices! The frame complements the design so well.

    Sorry to hear about your phone/internet dilemma. We really take these things for granted til they aren't working.
    A day without my computer isn't a happy one!

  5. A super finish and beautifully framed!!!

  6. oooh weeeee, she's a beauty! Absolutely gorgeous, like a preening princess! I really love the colours you chose for this.

  7. I saw this on the LDD blog. I absolutely love the color combo...linen, threads, frame. Fantastic! Seriously, I could stand some internet going out over here...I might actually get some finishes!

  8. Beautiful! I love the dyed fabric. I've seen the tutorial and I really must try it soon. Do you do your own stretching?

    Maybe my internet should go out too...but only after I finish my online shopping!

  9. Oh Lee, I love it! The stitching, the frame, the fabric...everything about it! Did you use museum glass? I need to stitch this one!

  10. That's beautiful! I love those blues on that fabric....great framing job.

    Can't wait to see your progress...I've made some. Will need to take a pic this weeken.

  11. absolutely beautiful, great work!

  12. Beautiful finish Lee. And the frame is such a nice compliment to your sitching. I'm with you - Lori's designs are habit-forming.


  13. Gorgeous! I have this one high up my list to stitch next year. I love your colour choices.

  14. Gorgeous finish, I love the frame you chose.