Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Things that you do when you don't have a phone or internet: Part One

Copper-stealing vandals destroyed a phone junction box in our area, so all of my neighbors and I woke up Saturday morning to dead telephones.  And because our only options for the internet rely on the telephone (Verizon DSL or dial-up), we lost that, too.

This whole copper theft crap is getting out of control.  This is the second time in a month that an entire town in our area has lost phone service for several days because of thieves stealing copper from the telephone poles.  I just don't get how someone can do that sort of thing without giving any thought to the welfare of other people.  

You know, for Dave and me it was only an inconvenience, because we have our cell phones. But how many of my older neighbors don't have cell phones?  Or have a phone but can't get a signal? With the hills and valleys, that is relatively common here.  And if there had been an emergency? It could have been tragic.

And I'll tell you what else - if scrap dealers would stop buying the stolen copper, the problem would be solved.

But anyway, without the magnet of the internet drawing me in every few hours (Who am I kidding? Every 5 minutes), I was able to zip through a few finishes.  To be fair, I was kind of at the place where I had several projects that were close to completion anyway - they just all came together over the weekend.

So, what do you do when you don't have a phone or the internet?

You finish an ornament.
My walking buddy adopted a stray black cat this fall, so you know exactly where my mind went when I saw this design.  I love these sweet little Brittercup kitties. 

Tomorrow - Part Two


  1. Sorry about the copper theft, some people just don't care about the effects their actions have on others. Love the ornament, very cute!

  2. What a weird, unpleasant situation. Hope it gets resolved soon.

    That ornament looks so adorable.. better than in the magazine issue!

  3. Sweet ornament! I do love black kitties so I need to stitch this one.

    Is the phone junction box at a height where it is easy to break into? We supposedly have copper cutters (they have many layers of paint on them) so wouldn't that be fun if someone tried to steal them?

  4. I love this ornament every time I se did a nice job with the finishing...

  5. Sorry to hear about the copper theft. Some people really have no shame. Over here, they take copper from some car part. I forget which one...

    Your ornie is so cute!I'm sure your walking buddy will love it!

  6. The ornament is adorable! It's on my list to stitch too. You did a fabulous job finishing it.

  7. Congrats on your finish---it is darling!! Will this be a gift for your walking buddy? If so, she will love it!

  8. glad that your internet is back. I love the ornie. Very cute.

  9. It is amazing what a person can get done without any high-tech distractions...looks like you put yours too very good use! Cute finish :)

  10. I have whined, I mean, posted about the agony of no internet so I know your pain. Last week vandals stole all the copper railings off city hall in a large neighboring city. No respect.

    Cute, cute finish.


  11. I don't get the copper thefts either. I hope all your neighbors didn't have any emergencies.

    Nice finishing! You did a great job and your walking buddy is going to LOVE it!