Sunday, January 09, 2011

Catching up from back in December

I know that you're all more interested to know about the owner of the underpants than you are to read about my needlework. Sorry to disappoint you, but my daughter has been away for a couple of days, so the mystery will continue for a bit longer.  I thought about asking my son, but then decided that it would be way too creepy.  Evidently my internal creepiness monitor thinks that posting about the underwear is ok, but actually talking face to face about them is somehow much creepier.

Moving on...

I didn't finish-finish any ornaments for my little tree this year, so thank goodness for my good friend Barb!  When we met for lunch in Wooster back in December, she gave me this sweet little ornament.  It's so great because I actually had wanted to stitch this myself, too, but knew I'd never get to it.  A few years ago, I decided that Barb and I were living parallel lives and this just goes to show that it's true.  Thanks again Barb!

While my mom and other various guests were here, I attached the cording to my Santa pillow of the year. I'm not stitching these in any meaningful order.  It's usually the Santa that appeals to me the most at the time.  So here's the front:

And here's the back! Not Christmasy fabric, but instead I had some small sunflower motif fabric leftover from another project.

Finally, a very old seasonal sampler series that I finally mounted and popped into a frame.  I stitched this about 20 years ago.  I'll try to dig up some info about it, but I can tell you now that it's stitched with DMC on Summer Khaki Aida.

Today my project will be to clean this nasty office.  If you looked at my home office right now, you'd never, ever hire me as your bookkeeper.  Dave can't fire me because he's married to me, but anyone else would probably kick my butt to the curb.  It's not even one of those good kind of messes, where I can say to people, "Don't touch anything!  I know where everything is!"  Instead, it's one of those messes that I've created because I can't find anything, so the entire place gets tossed while I look for one sheet of paper. 

So today is the day.  If you don't hear from me for several days, please send the fire department with a ladder and hatchet.


  1. Noel looks so sweet! And I love that fabric you used to back the santa - very creative twist from the normal Christmas fabric.

    Good luck in your office!

  2. WOW! Kudos to you for framing the older sampler! It is lovely!
    I wish I could light a fire under myself to get some things framed. I don't usually do New Year's resolutions, but if I did, it would be to frame and back pieces/ornaments that I have sitting in a drawer, and a large box!
    I am in the same boat as you with the office mess! That will be my duty today too! Unfortunately my office is not tucked away in the corner of the house. It is highly visible! OMG What a cluttered mess!

  3. The Noel is great and good for you...framing an older piece! I can't find the floor in my computer/sewing room and it's difficult to move around in with eyes closed. Happy Day!

  4. How funny that Barb stitched an ornament you had your eye on. It's finished absolutely beautifully!

    It's that time of year to organize isn't it? I'm trying to pretend it's not.

  5. Love your Santa, the backing fabric is perfect for it!

  6. The PS backing fabric was perfect!!!It doesnt have to be Christmasy and that sunflower pattern was the trick!!

    Now about that disorganized house..I can relate..Its been like a frat house here and I am about ready for things to calm down and get back to normal soon!! College classes will start tomorrow!!!!!!!! Take care,


  7. The little pinkeep ornament that Barb gifted you with is adorable! And I love the sunflowery fabric you used to back your PS's perfect. Your little framed sampler is so sweet! Doesn't it feel good to finally get an older piece framed/finished? I always wonder why it took me so long to get to it when it doesn't take that long once I get started. Congrats on your finishes!

  8. Lovely ornament to receive! It is on my list to stitch this year! I LOVE how you finished your PS Santa with the small sunflower print. Your framed sampler is lovely as well!

  9. Very pretty pillow and the sampler is really cute!

  10. I love the Santa pillow!
    Good luck with the office...not fun chore. (and by that I mean even less fun than all the other not fun chores there are in the world)

  11. Sunflower santa is so cute and summery. The seasonal sampler is you plan to keep it out all winter?

  12. Great finishes and a lovely gift! Good to "see" you again in blog land :) Good luck with the office...

  13. Love the PS Santa! Looks wonderful! Noel is beautiful - lucky you! And your sampler is really that old? What did you stitch as a kid? lol!

    Good luck with that office. You should see the desk in the hall. Stacked 2' deep. No way no how am I going near it this week!

  14. First....can't wait to find out the mystery of the underwear! your finish with the sunflower fabric, which I think is perfect. Third...kudos on framing a old finish, which still looks good today! Fourth.....where's the update on Live Laugh Love???? That is definitely post-worthy and I hope to see one next time....

    Glad you had a good holiday season. I love the ornament your friend the gold she used!

    happy stitching...and detecting!

  15. Pretty ornament! That pillow is wonderful - perfect backing fabric.
    Good luck with that cleaning thing - when you finish yours wanna come do mine?

  16. Your PS pillow turned out great, Lee! I'd love to see a photo of those two giant PS Santas together. Have they become friends yet?

    Barb's ornament is darling--aren't stitched gifts from friends the best!

    Hope your office is "white-glove" clean by now!

  17. Great finishes! Beautiful ornament, too. Lucky you!