Sunday, January 30, 2011

Second completion of 2011!

I finished this up late last night. As you can see, I've decided to leave off the border. I wish I could tell you that it was an artistic decision, and I was even trying to justify it by saying that not many Quaker style samplers use outer borders. But a quick trip through my Quaker chart collection make me realize that it's about a 50/50 split. So it really just came down to sheer laziness.

As I was finishing the very last motif - the flower at the bottom right - I realized that I had miscounted its placement by two stitches. Yup. TWO. And the border? It's exactly two stitches away from that last flower. I mean, if the flower had been stitched correctly. So I either had to rip out the flower to accommodate the border, or just skip the border.

I'm not ripping.  Nope. I'm liking it just as it is.

Live Love Laugh, by La D Da
And here are my color choices:
I used two strands of Belle Soie silks in Old Crow, Poison Apple and Herb Garden.  The fabric is PTP's Heritage 28 ct. Cashel linen.

It's been a topsy turvy week.  My MIL came home from the hospital after knee replacement surgery.  We had thought she was going to progressive care and would stay there for at least a couple of weeks, but no - they sent her home.  You know what floors me?  She's 83 (maybe 84?) and they discharged her without one word to Dave or me.  She obviously needs some help every day, and without asking, how did they know what she was going home to?  She's very sharp, but still....I'm kind of shocked.  Most - no, all - of the helping part has fallen to me, but suppose I wasn't around?  Suppose my work wasn't so flexible?  I really can't understand why they didn't talk to Dave or me first.

Long story short - I've been spending a lot of time over at her house. 

DS has just come back from an interview and "recruiting" weekend at a school down south.  I don't see why the call it a recruiting weekend - they made it clear that everyone who had been invited wasn't necessarily admitted to the PhD program.  He had a nice time - made it through eight interviews - and is keeping his fingers crossed.  Me, too.  His grades are good.  Not stellar, but good.  He spent all of his summers working really hard at internships and I know they gave him very good recommendations, so....we'll just wait and see.  And obviously that's been weighing heavily on my mind all week.

I'm getting ready for another stitching weekend - the one that I was supposed to go to last year but didn't because it was canceled  when we got - like - 3 feet of snow.  More on that later in the week. 

So, till next time!


  1. Simply beautiful :) I absolutely love this. You chose gorgeous colours for it.

    That is bad that they have sent your MIL home.

  2. Love the Quaker, just the way you stitched it. I wouldn't take the flowers out either. Way to stand by your stitching decisions!!

    I hope your son gets good news soon. That would be such a relief.


  3. Congratulations on the beautiful finish, border or no! I just love this one and now after seeing yours I think I may have to stitch it! Thank you for listing the fibers you used!

    Sorry to hear about your MIL. That's pretty awful that they sent her home by herself!

    Good luck to your son!

  4. I love they way the sampler it a stitchers decision.
    Hope good news for your son...and your MIL...sorry you will have so much to keep your mind busy. I will keep you all in my thoughts....

  5. What a cute finish!

    Good luck to your son and a speedy recovery for your
    MIL. She's lucky to have you!

  6. Congrats on your finish! It looks great without the border!

    I hope your MIL gets well soon. And I hope your son gets some good news!

  7. Wonderful finish! Love the colors. Sorry to hear about your MIL. I hope she has a speedy recovery. Hospitals really just care about turnover...not what the situation is at home. Good luck to your son!

  8. Congrats on finishing! You can always create a "border" by framing it with a mat or with the frame. Love the colors you chose...very pretty!

    Hope your MIL continues to improve.

    happy stitching...

  9. Sometimes it's hard to say something different - so ditto to all of the above. Beautiful piece, perfect colors,sorry there's so much on your mind and that hospitals can be so thoughtless... The only thing I could add, but won't, because you need something with better news, is have you seen the weather report?? (smile!)

  10. Congratulations on your finish! I like the way you stitched it. Very nice color choices too.

    It sounds like someone dropped the ball at the hospital to me. Maybe you should give an administrator there a call. This sounds really wrong.

  11. I would for sure be contacting the Hospital Administrator. Something is really very wrong with the situation. From what I know there is a piece of the story missing. Prehaps your MIL is not telling you everything?

  12. Gorgeous sampler! Love every bit of it.

  13. Your Live Love Laugh looks gorgeous Lee, border or no border! I honestly wouldn't have known there was one charted if you hadn't mentioned it.

    So sorry to hear about your MIL's health problems again. She is lucky to have you so close by... Hope your son hears some good news very soon :)

  14. Why is it that hospitals/insurance companies assume that if there's a woman between 18 & 65 around, she's available for full-time caregiving???? The V.A. Hospital in Florida tried pulling this trick when my father was ill at the end of his life. It wasn't until my sister explained that she was on Active Duty in the Army and about to DEPLOY to Iraq that they started to comprehend that we weren't taking him home with us. (My day job still didn't count.)

    Fingers crossed on the PhD program.

  15. I so love your finish! The colors are amazing! I need to write down your conversion.

    I can't believe they discharged your MIL without telling you! I hope you can manage ok helping her out and all. Good thing your work is flexible! And good luck to your son too. I hope he makes it. I know how it feels waiting to hear. Fingers crossed for him!

  16. Congrats on your finish - it is lovely!

  17. You say lazy like it's a bad thing. Your finish looks lovely and you have just personalized it.

    Your MIL is so lucky to have you. I imagine this sort of thing happens a lot... just lack of sense I think.

    Good luck vibes to your ds.

  18. This chart is definitely on my to do list. I love your color choice.

    Don't get it about your MIL being discharged like that.

    And the grad school thing? Interviews? Things must have changed a lot since I applied to grad school!

  19. Beautiful! I love your finish!!!

  20. Wonderful finish!! I love it. Great colors.

    Yikes on the hospital dicharging your MIL. Sometimes (a lot of times) I think it's all about having the bed free for somebody else and making a buck. It's really a shame.

    Best of luck to your son! My non-stitching fingers are crossed for him. ;)