Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowman and a boring work story

I should be folding clothes, running the sweeper, and loading the dishwasher. But NOOO.  Here I am prowling the internet!  I should also be stitching, because I have this little thing sitting on the table next to me. He really needs to be finished.

I haven't had much luck in my office. If I had my wish, I'd just pull a dump truck up to the window and start tossing things out. Not my stitching things!  Just all of the work -related paper.  Sometimes I think that working as a bookkeeper has more to do with corralling paper than anything else.

Speaking of work, so here's a story.  (Skip this if you'd like.  It's probably only interesting to my fellow bookkeeping and accounting friends) Last week I was working at the auto body shop and I sent a rent check to a fellow who owns one of the buildings.  I thought it was a little unusual that the renter had sent an invoice for rent, but whatever.  So I wrote the check, addressed  the envelope to the renter, (using the address on the invoice), and dropped it in the mail.  (Remember - the bookkeeping system that the body shop was using before my arrival was kind of rough.  They didn't keep vendor addresses in their system.  They hand addressed every bill payment.)

Several days later, the renter still didn't have the check.  So when I went into the office yesterday, I called him.  Told him I had sent the check a week ago and used the address on the invoice, which I read off to him.  He kind of flipped on me.  "I haven't been at that address for 15 months.  And that address is NOT on my invoice. It CAN'T be on my invoice.  I have an excellent bookkeeper.  She's a bookkeeper by trade (whatever the hell that means) and she could never have made the mistake of sending an invoice with the wrong company address."

I was thinking - Dude.  Really?  Do you think I made up this address just to screw with you?  Or are you insinuating that I'm an idiot because your bookkeeper is incapable of errors?  In that case, I'm going to come over there and punch you in the nose. 

But instead I said, "How about if I just fax the invoice over to you so that you can see for yourself?  And I'll call the Post Office in your ex-town and see if I can't track the check down, and if they didn't forward it to your new address, I'll write you another check."  Of course they had returned it because the forwarding order had expired.

So I called him again, to tell him that I'd be sending him a new check and he got all snippy again.  And me - sometimes I really should keep my mouth shut - I said, Hey, it's easy for your bookkeeper to miss something like this.  You think you've changed all of the necessary fields in a customers account and sometimes you just miss something.  And - (here's where I should have shut up) -It's really not a big deal.  Ho boy.  That didn't go over well.

Maybe I need a course in Sensitivity Training for Bookkeepers.

All's well that ends well, though. The body shop owner eventually called him.  They traded bawdy and dirty comments and then everyone was happy.  He came to the body shop to pick up his check and was all smiles.  And because I mentally pictured him with a sore nose, I was happy, too.


  1. I'm not a bookkeeper or an accountant, but my husband and my dad were... I loved your story! hahaha, especially the part about picturing him with a sore nose. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  2. Love your snowman! I did a trade for the chart and should have it in my hot little hands next week. Such a cute design!

    Great story too.

  3. I also loved this story especially the sore nose bit!! LOL!
    I have that snowman chart too !! It looks great .
    Stitch more , work less ha ha!

  4. I am the Accounts Payable Supervisor for the county I work for. I can totally relate to your story! The thing that makes me the maddest is when people don't get their checks as quickly as they think they should and blame me for not processing the check. Uhmmm-the postal service is slower than the Pony Express. Don't blame me that it takes 2 weeks for a check to be mailed to an address 17 miles away!

    And your snowman is adorable!

  5. I love the snowman!! He's sooo cute and I love the colors!!

    Did you fax the invoice? Any comments back? How ridiculous....

  6. Apparently, 'good people skills' isn't on that guy's resume.

    I got an email at work today from the FBI telling me my access code thingy would expire on February 31 2011. I know they have power, and all, but didn't think they had THAT kind of power. I SO wanted to send a response asking how that was possible, but then thought that was one organization I shouldn't tangle with.

    Love the snowman.


  7. Wow. Who needs that aggravation? I'd have asked for an apology... after all his perfect bookkeeper is the one who messed up.

    Nice snowman

  8. Enjoyed your story, thx for the giggle, 100 times out of 100 times they're like that on the phone~nasty, then peaches and cream in person. What is it with some men who think a female is their personal door mat? I usually reply *hey guy, I'm not trying to ruin your day, just tryin to get you paid (or whatever), but I can give up if you'd rather*:)

  9. Oh, Lee, you always have the BEST stories though you probably didn't feel so great during all this...or maybe you did and had your broom-hilda hat on (that's my inner voice too).

    Love the snowman. Cute cute cute!

  10. Can we say Jerk? He thought he could bully you. Does he not realize he's dealing with a stitcher? We kill frogs all the time - he's nothing compared to a bad frog day! Geez!

    And the snowman -- too cute!

  11. The snowman looks great! I just started this pattern today.

  12. That snowman is so cute, Lee! Sorry to hear about the ornery customer!!

  13. Lovely progress...I love this little design!

    BTW, you can vent here anytime you want. You are amongst friends.

  14. Oh Lee, I love your stories whether they deal with underpants or with arrogant clients, lol.
    That snowman is just too cute.

  15. I picked up that snowman chart New Years Day! Who knows when I will actually get to stitching on it, but it is a cutie!