Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February Stitching Bloggers Question

And yes, I'm early! Better take a picture - I'm never early for anything!

But February is a short month and the first Monday is late in the month.  AND it'll be on the day after the Super Bowl, and I'm bound to be bleary-eyed after:

a) Partying too much after the Steelers win
b) Crying too much after the Steelers lose.

Anyway, here's what I've come up with for our February Question.  And of course, it's loooooove related.

We like to stitch things for people we love.  Show us and tell us about one (or more) of your favorite needlework projects that expresses your love for someone.

I already have my answer in my head.  How about you?


  1. Come on over and check out my answer......


    (Sorry, I don't know how to make a link in the comments section.)

  2. Posted to the LiveJournal cross stitch community.

  3. A wedding sampler made for son and daughter-in-law. White on white. Stoney Creek design. My "power" project for my school teacher summer. Started on first day of summer vacation; finished on last day. In time to get to framer and gift on wedding day. The sampler is not good enough to deserve wall space because it is "not art."

  4. @ Dreams - that's horrible!!!! You should take it back and hang it in your house.

    Mine's up at

  5. Thank you "C in DC." I was in need of a reality check. I have been advised by some stitching pals that we must always be prepared to come upon someone who does not appreciate our work. However, this is my son and his wife...and I'd gladly tell you who rules the house if you cared to know. It is a very intense subject for me.

  6. I've stitched a few things where love was in every touch of the needle. Here is one blog post about a relatively recent one, a piece I did for my best friend:

    Later, I did a Spitfire for my husband, who has changed my life in a million ways, all of them wonderful:

  7. I have an answer over at