Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Installment of Prom Parade

I have a couple things to say before you all read my last 2011 Prom Parade Post.

First of all, these photos really are from Prom Fashion catalogs and websites.  And they are absolutely listed as prom dresses.  Some are just bad dresses, but some are downright inappropriate for anyone whose name isn't Cherry Stripper Devine.

My husband totally did not believe me when he saw the photos.  He said, "No way are those prom dresses for high school girls."  I assure you - they are.  I'm not just looking around for smutty dresses and labeling them as prom wear.  And believe me, I've seen similar fashions on young ladies in our school's Grand March.  Mind now...not on lots of them - maybe two out of one hundred. Regardless, there are always a couple of girls dressed like this.  Or undressed.  You decide.

So here are my final two selections for your enjoyment:

I know I used to have pajamas like this. We called them baby doll pajamas. Except I wore them when I was like...ten years old.
Honey, if I was wearing this dress, I'd be slumped over, too.  It must have been hard to dance on prom night, what with having to hold your left hand over your lady parts all night. 
Of course, if you want to move your hand, there's always the option of facing a wall somewhere. 

Maybe you're wondering about the inspiration for this dress?  Well, the geniuses who designed this dress said that they used this Britney Spears outfit as their inspiration.  (I'm SO not kidding.  The website is quite clear about that) Because we all want our daughters to emulate everything that Britney Spears represents. 
You readers had some great comments to add to my other posts.  I'm going to edit those posts later so that everyone read your nuttiness, too!


  1. SOOOO not appropriate! And we wonder why our children struggle so much with promiscuity!!! Makes me angry!

    Peggy H.

  2. A friend of mine went shopping with her h.s. daughter last fall for a Halloween costume. She said that the options were "slut", "super slut", and "extreme slut", unless you wanted to dress up in a school mascot type outfit. They finally found a policewoman outfit that at least covered all the appropriate parts.

  3. Hard to believe any sane parent would allow it...Love your blogs here - sent them all to my DIL- she appreciates such humor!! :)

  4. Lee, please feel free to pass on 'upgrade Difficulties'. glad it made you giggle :-)

    Crazy Prom dresses you have been showing BTW, wonder if they sold many??

  5. Brittney Spears was NAKED and they glued sparkly stuff onto her skin!!!! Are you kidding me - inspiration????

    And the other 'dress' - please, can we say Barbie and Ken play dress up?

    What parent in their right mind would allow this to be worn? Let alone pay for it!!

  6. I have that butterfly outfit, but I only wear it for the dude. Got it from Fredericks. That glittery one reminded me of an ice skating costume.

    I disagree with some of your readers. I don't think prom dresses cause promiscuity. I can show you how absolutely virginal some of the prom dresses worn to my Catholic high school were...and those were the ones worn by the slut, the super slut, and the extreme slut.

  7. Oh lordy! Those ahem, outfits, are not meant to be worn outside the bedroom! Very Fredericks indeed!

  8. I honestly didn't want this on my computer screen too long because I thought people would think this was an inappropriate website.

  9. I laughed so hard at these posts - too funny!! Forwarding the link to my h.s. daugher - she will just love it.

  10. My goodness! I agree with Anna that the risque prom dresses don't cause promiscuity (I attended a Catholic school too), but I imagine it helps!

  11. thanks for sharing these - i have had a right laugh. I will make sure though that i do not show these to my 10 year old dd as she has rather questionable taste and think that these dresses are the best dresses. ever. the more animal print the better! Really hoping she hits a Goth phase in her teens..

  12. I have seen dresses girls wear to prom these days. Personally, I'm apalled (lol) and I'm not that old.

    The ones on your post are just umm... like you said smutty... and slutty!