Friday, February 25, 2011

My new little friend

I know that many of you are lamp and light fiends like me.  Some people collect stamps, records, cars, or coins.  I collect lamps.  From flashlights to floor lamps to floodlights, I love 'em.  There is nothing that completes a room and sets a mood like a good lamp or collection of lamps.

Happily, my stitching hobby is another perfect excuse for lamp collecting.  From a simple around the neck style flashlight (purchased about 15 years ago when my presbyopia first started to kick in), to my most recent Mighty Brite floor lamp with magnifier (also dubbed The Electron Microscope by my husband), there's just something about the thrill of the hunt when it comes to finding perfect light accessories for stitching.

So now let me introduce you to my new little friend!

Smaller than a deck of cards, with 12 LED's and  powered by three AAA batteries, this little lamp will fit right in your purse. Or if you want to be ready to whip it out for stitching at any given time, you can use the belt clip on the back.  It retails for $20, but it was on sale for half price at JoAnn fabrics last week, and I had an additional 10% off coupon, so I splurged on it for $9.  It's just plain fun to have.  I do have one idea to make it better though - rather than a belt clip, this little light would be more useful with a fold out stand. 

It's almost the smallest lamp that I own. 

There.  Now they can keep each other company.

Enough with the silliness. 

I made more progress on my Peace sampler last night while we watched our Pitt Panthers beat the WVU Mountaineers.  Amazingly, I made very few counting errors last night. I must be getting better at this!


  1. I have one of these too. I think you are right that the clip could be better desined. Not exactly sure what I want but it could be better. I did buy one of these as the "grand prize" for my Guild Retreat gifts. I am filling gift bags for 20 at my own dime so the grand prize is not that grand but I think the ladies that don't have one will like it.

  2. Your new light looks great! Loved your husbands comment about the 'electron microscope', made me inhale coffee!
    Nice progress on your WIP, what colour/brand of floss are you using? I really like it.

  3. I saw that little light at Joann's and wondered if the clip would work on a scroll rod? Love your progress on Peace!

  4. Who knew one can collect lamps? We don't have a JoAnn's here, just Michael's and I've never seen anything like that. May warrant another look!

    You're making great progress on Peace. I've been making lots of mistakes this week with counting so frogging is my second profession!

  5. very pretty! cute lamp too...

    happy stitching this weekend..

  6. Love the lamp - I have the Mighty Brite, but naturally can't find the blooming cord...haha. It's somewhere.
    Love the progress!

  7. I have one of those little lamps, too, and I just love it! I have also been known to steal my husband's head lamp at times too...



  8. I have met many people who collect - you are the first to collect lamps!

    The stitching is awesome!

  9. Hmmmm.........have never considered collecting lamps.
    My husband will think thats a great idea. Thanks!

    Lovely stitching. I love the color.

  10. I really like your WIP. Who is the designer??

  11. wonderful stitching! I, too, have the little flip light. A GF gave me one for Christmas. It is terrific

  12. I have one of those little lamps, too. I bought it hoping that it would clamp onto my Q-snap or stretcher bars, but no such luck. It may be good for taking on camping trips, because my only option is to sit at the table to stitch in the camper :)

  13. Cute little lamp, I can think of many situations where it would be a useful thing to have. Love the Peace sampler!

  14. I read a paragraph written by a student in the 80's (yes, I'm really old) that started with "My favorite toy is a GE yard lamp." Who knew? You aren't alone, Lee.

  15. Nice progress! I have that little Ott light--it's what I clipped to my shirt in desperation when I wanted to stitch & my regular Daylight lamp was broken. Desperate measures for desperate times! LOL