Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Short little update

I put some stitches into Dandy Dreams over the weekend. This is a really fun piece. When I wrote last week about feeling like things would never get finished, I didn't mean to make you think this little sampler was drudgery, because I'm enjoying it a lot.  I meant lots of other things in my day-to-day and by that I mean mostly work.

You know what it's like to be working and trying to finish something and then you get stymied and there's nothing to be done except wait?  That's the kind of week I was having.  Foiled at every turn!  Waiting for the next piece of information, waiting for the next part, waiting for a phone was so aggravating.  Especially if you're an impatient semi-control freak like me.

Anyway, here's my progress.
Silver Creek's Dandy Dreams

I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed my Prom Dress ramblings last week.  Some of you are much funnier than I am though, so I decided to publish your comments here and here.

And now Prom Dress season is over.  I tried to extend the festivities to include Wedding Dresses, but so far I'm not coming up with any truly bad wedding dresses.  Denise sent me a link to a wedding dress catalog, but they were all very pretty and the more I surfed through, the more I found myself wishing I was 23, smooth-skinned and thin again.  (Virginal may have been too much of a stretch.)  But by all means, if any of you come up with some truly funny wedding dresses, don't hesitate to have fun with them!

Oh, and another thing - a few people have asked for a tutorial for the money/gift card holders.  I'll try to put something together with my very meager photography skills. 

My daughter, on the other hand, takes very nice pictures.  She's been posting some of her gluten-free baking adventures on her blog.  Here is a nice chocolate chip zucchini cake, and here are some banana walnut pancakes

And now I'm too hungry to write any more.  Lunch!


  1. Forget wedding dresses, speaking as an over-the-hill soon-to-be-bride's-MATRON, it's the bride's maids' dresses you have to look at! Picked mine up today. I'm so short waisted I have four inches to take out of the shoulder straps. EGADS.

  2. Nice progress! I just noticed today that one of my favorite shops in town is going out of business. I never shopped in it but always drove verrrryyyy slooowwlly by the window so that I could gawk at the wedding dresses they had on display.

  3. That's such a great project you're working on!

  4. It sure is nice to see this being done. I bought this pattern 2 weeks ago and now I really want to get it started!

  5. Charming pattern - I am looking forward to the progress