Sunday, February 13, 2011

You are so super nice with your comments about the money card Valentine that I made for my daughter.

The whole pocket card thing started when I had joined a blog called The Monthly Finishing Challenge and in July 2008, scissor pockets were the challenge .  The blog was discontinued shortly after that, which was kind of disappointing because it was removed after only a couple of months, despite a good number of very interesting entries each month.  But whatever. I suppose if I was that into it I could have started a new challenge blog myself. 


Back to the history of my pockets.  I stitched the blue and yellow one for the challenge, then went on to stitch another for a good friend who I was trying to convert to the mania joy of scissor collecting.  I know that this type of scissor pouch wasn't my idea first.  I probably saw it on the challenge blog, but since the blog is gone, I can't go back and credit it to the proper person. 

Later that year, I purchased this design for my mom - a Pine Mountain tuck pillow kit.  And the next Christmas I needed a $10 exchange gift for a Ladies' Auxiliary party.  This saying was on my mind, but not everyone out there in gen pop appreciates a tuck pillow.  So I reduced it by stitching it over one and then used the same concept as the scissor pocket.  (Tucked a $10 gift card in the pocket)

And then you've seen my daughter's two Valentines.  And I did it again later as a birthday card for my daughter's friend.  The design is an older LK freebie.

Can you tell that I think these are really fun?  In the right situation and for the right person, they're a blast. 

Soon I'll have the final installment of the Prom Dress Parade.  One of the dresses will blow you away.  Really.


  1. A gorgeous collection! The "F" is absolutely stunning.

  2. Thank you for telling us ...I think I would like to try it as a finish...the pictures are good enough to show how you did them. Indeed they make a nice gift.

  3. Such a great finish! Have you ever thought of doing a tutorial on this finish?

  4. I love the finish for these pieces! Makes me want to do a few pieces to tuck birthday gift cards in.

  5. I'd love a tutorial on this if you ever get the chance. These are all great!

  6. How neat!! I wish I could get myself together BEFORE a holiday and do something like this! Great idea.

  7. What a nice way to personalize a gift card! You know, sometimes it has to be a gift card, but I'm always searching for some way to make those more special. If you did a tutorial, I might even try this out... that's saying something too because the only thing I've ever done with my stitching is framing!