Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A bit more on family heritage

Last night was book club night and I was the book selector and hostess.  I know in the past I've talked about some of the book club things that bug me, but I have to say that last night went very well.

The book I chose was Julia Child's autobiography, My Life in France.  I chose it because I'm a big fan and wanted to learn more about her.  My paternal grandparents were French immigrants, and that drew me into the book, also.

My worry was that the book wouldn't hold up for anyone who wasn't as fascinated by Julia Child as I am, but I have to say that the members (except one) enjoyed the book and the account of her life.

Then to try to bring it back home again, I created a little display of some family photos and mementos.   

Sers and Merrisse famliy photos and momentos. 
Photos of my great grandparents and my grandmother, along with her recipe book
Letter my grandmother wrote when she was ten, (stunning penmanship!) some swimwear photos and photo of the Sers family.  The photo in the gold frame is my grandmother when she was close to 90. 
One of my grandmother's demitasse cups and great grandmother's coffee grinder

It's such a coincidence that this all came on the heels of the March SBQ, because I really didn't plan it that way. Isn't the universe funny?


  1. I'm glad your group enjoyed your selection. Your home was perfectly staged for the evening. And your grandmothers penmanship? WOW! What treasures you have there Lee.

  2. Your collection of family memories is amazing! The heck with the book - let's talk about your grandparents!

  3. One of my all-time favorite books! It was just so much fun to rad about Julia's courage and independence - and cooking and Paris!

    Mary in MN

  4. Hi Lee,
    You're on my blogroll and I pop in to take a peep every once in a while. I too am reading more, but slow as molasses-at bedtime.
    Love the vignette you created!
    I have some French lineage too-my gr, gr maternal grandparents who went to Jamaica where he was a pharmacist.

  5. How wonderful to have that collection of family memorabilia.

  6. What a nice group of mementos! I especially like the recipe book--how neat!

  7. What a neat family display you put together! Very artistic indeed. I can't believe your grandmother's penmanship!! How wonderful to have her cookbook too, I'd love to look through it just to see what kinds of things she prepared, and to compare cooking techniques etc. I'm glad your bookclub evening went well, good book choice! I am a fan of Julia too.... swear by her spongecake recipe which I can make in my sleep.

  8. You certainly have some great family treasures! How nice they are with some one who appreciates them. Would love to read the recipes.

  9. What an impressive collection of family memoribilia.

  10. You have such a treasure-trove of old photos and memorabilia there, Lee! I don't have anything like that from my grandparents...just a couple of pictures. I'm sure it all holds special meaning to you.

    Funny, but we were just discussing Julia Child at our book selection meeting at work yesterday. I hadn't realized she was in the OSS--what a fascinating life she led!

  11. What a great display you made :-)
    Glad too that your boook group liked the book. In my family, things were never really passed down, I have a lamp and a table that belonged to my maternal grandparents, but nothing from the paternal side. My husbands family on the other hand, keep everything, which I think is nice, but I do wonder where it is all going to end up! (our loft) They have items and photographs going back generations.
    Thanks for sharing your history with us.

  12. I answered your SBQ here. What wonderful family pieces you have!

  13. Gorgeous display! I absolutely love old family photos, and we have several on display in our house. They're not the originals, but I did have the opportunity to scan in quite a few photos. I scan them at a super high resolution, save them as a TIFF file and have been able to rescue and reprint some really great photos. I think it's nice to have these things out where you can look at and enjoy them.