Saturday, March 19, 2011

Through the magic of Paint

Thanks to all of you for your advice to make my sampler just the way I want it.  In the end, I decided that both of those empty spots needed something, but just to be sure (and because I'm running low on thread), I scanned the sampler and then edited it in Paint.

So the results are below.  Even though all of the letters are A's right now, I'm going to stitch "PA" (for Pennsylvania) under the CE in Peace.  And I'm going to stitch my initials over the heart.  Over one.  Argh.  It's on 28 ct. linen, but it'll still make me crazy.

So now are you completely impressed with my command of photo editing software?  I should have remembered that I could do this, because I've done it before. Several years ago we were trying to take a family photo and a certain son wouldn't cooperate.  We took one picture that he looked nice in, but the rest of us looked stupid.  So then he refused to smile nicely in the pictures we took later. 

So later that day, I cut and pasted a smiling face head onto his body.  Except I didn't get the proportions right.

So then I laughed myself silly, and knew that I couldn't stop there.

Yes.  Clearly I'm an idiot.  I'd say that I need a hobby, but....well, you know.  I already have one.


  1. LOL at the family photos! My SIL has never forgiven me for cutting her out of another photo and adding her into the family photo taken on her & my brother's college graduation day. SIL was 'just' the girlfriend at the time, and was upset that she wasn't included in the family photo. I made a bad situation worse with the cut and paste job. I never considered photo editing software! Likewise, I never would have had the forethought to scan the sampler into Paint and audition my choices. Great idea! I like what you've come up with--even if it is over one (gasp, choke...).

  2. Thanks! I really needed a laugh to start my day.
    Clever you... I like how it will look.

  3. You just proved you are a bit twisted! lol And you look so manly!

    Brilliant idea with Paint! That never crossed my mind - but the next time ...

    You have to wonder what the designer was thinking when they left the gaps in the design.

  4. Your sampler will be great with your additions - doing it in Paint to see how it would look was brilliant. Love your family photos - what a good laugh first thing in the morning!

  5. Great idea to add your state and initials in the empty spots.

    Your family pic made me laugh. Very cute! ;)

  6. How funny! I think you should have left him big headed in the family photo to ensure cooperation in the future!!!

    How smart to work this out with your software. I am VERY impressed!

  7. I love that second family picture. LOL!

  8. Lee, it never fails. You make me laugh! Poor John, will he ever forgive you LOL?

  9. You and my son must be cut from the same cloth, Lee! He is always making funny photos like those! I love the giant-headed John--looks like a bobble head :)

    Great idea to use Paint to try out initials placement. Is it hard to use?

  10. It's a good thing I didn't take a drink of my tea right before looking at your blog tonight! The pictures of your family were cracking me up.

    I love how you personalized your Quaker. I think it will look perfect. Great idea to use a program, I would have just counted and hoped for the best. (which would invariably meant I would have had to rip something out.)

  11. Love the second family photo! That massive grinning head just fits perfectly lol!

    Neat idea figuring out what to do with Paint.

  12. I love the photos! Excellent job!!! LOL

  13. Brilliant idea using Paint - it looks just as if you stitched it. I think your additions will be perfect. LOL'ing at the family photo editing. Hope you had a great weekend!

  14. I am laughing out loud all by myself here. Your family is so attractive. I think I have a similar family in my album. Too funny! Not an idiot at all....just humorous.

  15. Hi Lee!
    Your photoshopping is too funny. A similar thing happened with my extended family shot of the 13 of us. My oldest brother was looking down and everyone else was laughing or smiling. Well I cut his head out of another shot and should not of said anything, but did and it was a joke for the longest time. I think I did a good job too.
    Nice stitching!!