Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time to catch up a little

It may not seem like it, but I've been doing things other than ranting and raving about inaccurate reporting and stereotyping of stitchers. (Although I was glad to get so many supportive comments about those raves)

Is it a sign that I'm getting older when I get so sensitive to and aggravated by put-downs about the past? I'd prefer to think that my "maturity" has made me realize the value of our history as stitchers. Each phase or fashion has been built on a previous phase or fashion. And each phase or fashion has its own beauty and worth. I could give you a dozen examples of this, but gang...I'm preaching to the choir here. You all get it, I know.

Anyway!  I must move on.

Dandy Dreams is almost finished.  One more puff ball to go.

And I received a lovely birthday gift in the mail from Sue. (She contributes to a blog, but it's a private one.) Sue and I met through a mutual friend at a Silver Needle retreat back in 2007. Then we reconnected again last year when I went to the Heartland Shop Hop. Such a sweetheart! 

Sue is a prolific and talented stitcher. One of her more recently completed BAPs is a Prairie Schooler Santa afghan with every single PS Santa card design.  (Can't find a photo of that right now, but if I find it later, I'll show you.) And one of Sue's current WIP's is the PS Alphabet series. Will you look at all the detail?

So boy-oh-boy was I ever thrilled when this little masterpiece appeared in my mailbox!  Sue took motifs from one of my favorite sampler designers, Eileen Bennett of Sampler House, and created this one of a kind pincushion for me.  It's just too pretty for words, so here are a couple photos.

And what's peeking out from behind the pincushion?  I finally went to the framer's and picked up Live, Love Laugh.  I'm happy with it.  Not over the top, though.  I think there is a bit too much space between the stitching and the frame.  If I had it to do over, I'd bring it all a little closer in.  I really should pay more attention when I'm discussing these details and go with my gut and not assume that the framer is always correct.  I think she was in love with my fabric and so was trying to showcase the fabric and my stitching got a little lost in the process.  Nobody to blame but myself though.  And I'm certainly not complaining.  I'm thrilled that I had some Christmas gift money left over to splurge on framing!
Tonight is Pysanky Egg class.  It's time to get crazy!  I hope I'll have something photo worthy to show you after this class.
So till then...


  1. What a lovely birthday gift! I love that saying. Your friend's Prairie Schooler Alphabet has me feeling very envious; I'm only on B is for Blackbird.

    Live, Love, Laugh turned out nicely. I love the design and the colours. you have to admit that the fabric is pretty.

    Have fun with Pysanky tonight!

  2. I <3 Dandy Dreams! And what a darling pincushion. I love how she highlight your and her initials in the alphabet.

    That PS Alphabet is amazing!

  3. Everything looks wonderful. It's always such a thrill to see your work framed.

    Beautiful birthday gift, too.


  4. I absolutely love Dandy Dreams! I cant wait to see it all finished. I may have to find this one for myself.

    Your pin cushion is beautiful. What a thoughtful gift!

    Live, Love, Laugh is very pretty. I love the colors, but agree about the frame being too far from the stitching.

  5. LLL is a beautiful project, even if it's not exactly how you wanted it framed. Hey, it's a totally finished piece - yay!! :D

  6. Such a sweet birthday gift and your framed piece looks wonderful. I am in awe of your friend's PS Alphabet. I only got half through B and put it down. Perhaps I should consider picking it back up.

  7. I can see why your framer wanted to leave that extra space, the fabric is lovely, as is the entire piece. Can't wait to see Dandy Dreams all finished with that final puff ball stitched. It's just adorable.

  8. Love your framed Live Laugh Love! You have some other great stitchy goodies too. happy stitching...

  9. I think you should have left the "blov" error in the design and changed the words to

    "take a breath, gently blov, spread your dreams, & let them grov"


    Could you ever ask for a more clever daughter? I think not.

  10. Lovely b-day gift....and I love the LLL and the looks very nice.

  11. What a lovely gift from your friend and as for her PS alphabet series, well it's gorgeous! Love your finish and your LLL looks great!

  12. Dandy Dreams is gorgeous! I've just won this chart in a blog giveaway and can't wait to start it.

    Your friends PS alphabet looks amazing! And her gift to you is so pretty.

    Love LLL framed!

  13. Dandy Dreams is wonderful!! What a pretty "almost finish". I love the pin cushion you received and your framed piece looks wonderful - the fabric is really pretty and you often lose that when you bring the frame in close. This sort of helps the linen act as a matt board.

  14. I am really loving Dandy Dreams :) Your pincushion is gorgeous and I think your LL&L turned out beautifully...the frame is really gorgeous!

  15. Love all the stitchy goodies you've featured in this post! I don't think I've seen a pic of PS Alphabets that was further along that Sue's.

    The fabric for LLL IS really pretty as is your stitching.

  16. Dandy Dreams is looking lovely. So we can expect the next post to be the finish, right?
    What a lovely gift from Sue!

  17. Your Dandy Dreams is looking great and I think that the framed piece is perfect. :)

  18. Pretty birthday gift and love all the eye candy. Hope you had a fun time in your class :-).