Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My April Answer and its Tie-in to Zombies

 (Preface:  This post is a whole lot of silly.  I won't be offended if you skip it.  Really)

OK, well, the short answer to the April Question about record keeping is that over the past five years I've come to rely exclusively on my blog to record everything I've stitched.  Before blogging, I didn't even own a camera.

My parents were real shutterbugs who loved taking pictures of the kids when they would visit, and since they live so far away, they often took pictures of things around my house, including my stitching.  Mom and Dad always got double prints and then sometimes I'd get lucky and they'd send me copies.

But my most recent needlework history (2006 till now) resides locally in My Pictures and online through my blog.

But here's the thing - I've been watching the AMC series, Walking Dead. In this show, zombies are everywhere. The entire world has collapsed.  No electricity.  No mass communication.  It's all GONE. 

Of course, small groups of humans that have miraculously survived. Our main character wakes up alone in the midst of this crisis and goes in search of his family.  He decides his family is alive because although their house is empty, the photo albums are gone. And he knows that his wife would never leave without those albums, so she must have escaped.

Now in my photo world, almost everything is digital, so if a future zombie outbreak happened, I'd just grab a little thumb drive and head for the hills.  And I'd be content knowing that my needlework history is online, too.  But what good would that do if you couldn't fire up a computer? 

Well readers, we can be prepared for a zombie-filled world.  There's a company called Blurb that'll help you publish your blog as a Blurb book (for a fee, of course) and then you can just take your book with you as you run from the house.  It shouldn't be too hard to escape.  (Zombies move very slowly and they have no frontal cortex.)

But now I have a new question - Assuming that the zombies haven't entered your house yet, what needlework would you grab?  So that if someone - your husband, children, mother, friends...whoever - came into your house they would know you got out alive because they know that you'd never leave without....(fill in the blank)

I'd grab my family sampler and I'd wrap it up in the white on white baby quilt that I made for my daughter.  So those zombies had better beware.  I can be one mean cookie.


  1. Oh Lee! This is too funny! My ds#2 is all informed about Zombies too. We have the Zombie Survival Guide! My family would know I'm alive because I'd bring all my stitching with me. After all, zombies move very very slowly.

  2. I'd grab my work in progress canvas bag. There's always a few projects in there. (I actually have 2 - one for big projects and one for small projects.)

    Otherwise, I'd be grabbing the heirloom christening gowns and as many photo albums as I could. Oh, and a suitcase full of books, maybe.


  3. Oh glory, I'm off right now to make sure I have an anti Zombie wip bag ready to dash off with! No idea what else I'd take, probably pre digital framed pictures and the christening gown and yes, some books! How on earth have I missed your monthly round ups of blogland - wonderful, will enjoy going through them tomorrow.

  4. LOL, you know, I have commented more than once on the need to be ready for the coming zombie apocolypse, but I am ashamed to admit that I have NEVER factored the need to have cherished stitching (or stitching supplies) with me when I flee! Guess I've got some serious rethinking to do. ; )

    Thanks for making me smile today.

  5. ALL my stash!! And my wedding sampler.

  6. You are so hilarious! I think I just learned more about ZombieLand in your one post than I've ever learned before.

  7. In the event of a massive Zombie invasion, I'd be sure to grab as much of my stash as I could because I'd wanna be able to keep myself busy since there probably wouldn't be any electricity or anything.

    PS: I love your sense of humour! :)

  8. This was the best answer to this question I've seen! And to answer your question if zombies start invading I'd grab the same thing I grab when/if I have to evacuate for brush fires & hurricanes: the round robin sampler that is one of my cherished pieces of stitching, my current WIP bag, as many of my WIP boxes as I could pack, the photos of my grandparents that are really really old, and the external backup hard drive for when the zombies are vanquished and computers work again. Oh and I'd grab some knitting supplies...I figure the needles would be helpful in fighting zombies that get too close.

  9. Zombies I'm not so worried about - some one breaking into the house for gas moeny is another thing entirely!

    What would I take - without a doubt - Early Morning by Mystic Stitch. That sucker is never (once while being judged) been out of the house without me. They'd KNOW!

  10. I think you're mistaken about zombies, have you seen the movie Zombieland? Time to nut up or shut up! I was recently asked to list my most prized possessions besides family/pets. I listed my laptop, camera and cell phone. Now I'm having to rethinking that list!
    Julie, KS

  11. You have just educated me all I will ever need or want to know about zombies! As far as what I would take-that is a hard one. I have one box that has almost all my finishes (that aren't framed), so I would grab that for sure. Hopefully, my family would notice it was gone, so they would know I was okay, but if I had to guess, probably not! Oh well..