Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sampler finish and more eggs!

Over the weekend I put the last stitches into Dandy Dreams.  I can't wait to frame this one and get it on the wall next to Spring Violets. 
Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek
Stitched on "Fog" Picture this Plus 28ct linen
Charted for DMC, but I substituted with Sullivans' Threads

It was so much fun to stitch and I thought of my Kansas friends the whole time I stitched it.  Maybe you all do that, too.  When you've been stitching and shopping with friends and you think of them all the while as you stitch the things you purchased that day?  This sampler will always remind me of my trip to Kansas for the Heartland Shop Hop last year.  I spent the weekend hanging out with an old friend and meeting new ones...what could be better?

I've also been working on my Birthday project - one of the oldest samplers in my stash.  It's coming along nicely.  I decided not to change a thing about it...I'm letting it remain true to its 1988 roots. And because I'm using undyed linen and regular DMC, it's washable. So I'm stitching this in hand - no scroll frame or lap frame, and I have to say I'm enjoying its "no fuss" nature. 

Antiqued Sampler, by Eileen Bennett
Oh boy, last night was another Pysanky egg class.  It's more fun than I would ever have thought.  I may have to make eggs for all seasons, not just Easter.  

This coming Sunday the church that hosts our class will hold its annual Eggstravaganza.  (Don't husband snickered when I said that.  Ha.  He won't snicker when he sees me taking the checkbook)  It's a festival of egg makers and designers and I really hope they let me take photos because the displays are going to be gorgeous!  They'll be selling eggs and egg-decorating supplies, as well as some other ethnic crafts.  

I've always been interested in their Easter Cloths - that's the cloth used to cover the food taken to church in Easter baskets to be blessed on the Saturday before Easter.  They're embroidered with symbols, can be quite elaborate and many are passed down from mothers to daughters through the generations.   Are any of you familiar with this?  I used to take a basket to church on Easter Saturday, filled with representations of my Easter Sunday meal, but I never had a beautiful cloth, and as time went by I somehow I got away from doing it. Just got busy with other things, I guess.

But anyway...the eggs!  I finished fewer eggs this week, because I didn't do my homework.  (Shades of my high school career are coming through).  So this week I finished a maroon and turquoise egg, a pink egg with flowers and a red egg with scroll work on the top.  The instructor was awfully busy this week, too, so I didn't have time to empty my other finished eggs.  Now I can worry about them for another week.

I wasn't too happy with this egg.  It looks like a crazy person drew on it and the colors aren't as vivid as I like.  But I do like my work on its top and you can see that in the photo with the bowl of eggs below. It's the red one at the bottom right.

Next week will be our last class of the year.  And I'll be sad, sad, sad.


Edited to add a photo of a Ukrainian Easter Basket cloth:
Not my design, but from Ukrainian Gift Shop, Inc.


  1. I love your finish....and your WIP. I must say that your egg work is fabulous...I admire all the time and effort.

  2. Gorgeous eggs, so glad you had a good time. I HAVE to buy that Dandy Dreams chart, it has my name on it! Not sure about the Easter cloth - could it be an Orthodox tradition? Not heard of it in the Anglican Church.

  3. Congratulations on your finish! And I just love your eggs! Very pretty.

  4. Lovely finish. I have just been gifted this one by a sweet blogger Cath. Really think I need to start it too. Love your eggs. Beautiful. x

  5. I love your finish...that pattern has been on my wishlist for awhile too. And your eggs are gorgeous! I would love to learn how to do those someday.

  6. Wow! Your eggs are looking
    "eggs-traordinary" Lee! I think it is wonderful that they're helping keep this tradition alive by teaching the younger generation (yes--you!). Can't wait to see what you purchase at the Eggstravaganza :) I'm sure there will be some "eggsemplary and eggsquisite eggsamples" of the eggs on display (sorry--I'll quit now!!).

    Your latest finish is so pretty and will look perfect framed and placed next to Spring Violets. Did you like the Sullivan's thread?

  7. Wonderful new finish!! Looks like it was a fun one. :) You're doing great things with your eggs too! Good luck with emptying them!

  8. My goodness those eggs are pretty! Love the stitching finish too.

  9. Dandy Dreams is a sweet design. It's nice to hear how it reminds you of a special time with friends.

    More beautiful eggs! They are all gorgeous! I even like the red one you're not so keen on. ;) Good luck with blowing them out!

  10. Love your finish! I can't wait until mine is finished!

  11. Congratulations on your finish! Its beautiful! Look at those fantastic eggs you made!

  12. Late post, but I just had to say (and I thought I already had!) that I love your finish!! And those eggs! I've always loved them and yours are coming out so beautifully! Great stuff!