Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They may be slow, but...

You all are too funny!  Loved, loved, loved your comments! 

But even though zombies may have that awkward shuffling gait and not move very quickly, let's be reasonable about how much needlework one person can carry, yet still move fast enough to outrun the walking dead.

For instance, if she has any hope of getting away, Theresa (Girl With Needles) is going to need one of these.
Theresa's Needlework Sherpa in case of zombie attack


  1. Ha ha ha !! that is what I will need for my stash too . So funny !! Hope all is well Lee!

  2. Me thinks a lot of us are going to need a get-up like that LOL. Very funny!

  3. Ha ha ha! Needlework sherpa! I love it.

  4. Hey! Who's to say I haven't already hired one just to be on the safe side? I was a Girl Scout so I'm all about being prepared! LOL! (And I don't schlep anything myself, plus I was hoping that combustible engines would still work so I would have the use of my vehicle to take things with me...and maybe run over a zombie or two.)