Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where to begin?

I honestly don't know where to start today.  I have about a million things to tell you all and if I try to fit it all into one post - well, it'll drive us both crazy!

I think that since Easter is coming in just a few short days, I'll show you pictures of my visit to the local "Eggstravaganza" (No snickering allowed.  My husband snickered and it almost earned him a punch.)

There were about a dozen or so egg artists there, selling their beautiful eggs.  Some of my classmates displayed their eggs, too and if you ask me, they are just as lovely as the vendors' eggs. 

There is another type of egg design, called drop and pull.  The best way I can describe it is kind of like the reverse of pysanky technique.  Instead of doing the process by waxing then dyeing, the egg is dyed first and the wax is applied as the decorative part.  The last two eggs show that technique.  Very pretty.

You should be able to click on the photos to enlarge them and see the details of the eggs.

My classmates' eggs

More classmates eggs!

And more from my class friends

Sometimes simple color schemes are perfect.

Blurry, but this egg was stunning

Brown egg at the bottom used plant material and onion skin dying

Drop and pull eggs by my friend, Joe Borytsky

More drop and pull eggs
There were also ethnic foods for sale and I won't even tell you how good that nutroll was...

Next post - loads of stitching news, including two wonderful stitching events!


  1. Wow. Just wow. The drop and pull eggs are stunning! Heck, they are all amazing! I also love the way they are displayed.

  2. Oh my gosh, they're all wonderful! I just love this kind of artwork -- and these are all marvelous! You're so lucky to have gotten a chance to take the class and to see all these wonderful eggs too! I would have gone crazy buying. lol!

  3. Beautiful eggs! My Mom used to do drop and pull eggs...oh thank you for bringing back such nice memories of her standing at the stove marking eggs for us to dye. Happy Easter, Lee!

  4. Stunning! I have always loved this art.

  5. OMG...those eggs are beautiful! I can't imagine the patience it must take to creat. Very pretty....

  6. WOW! These eggs are just stunning! What an amazing form of art!

  7. Wow. They are beautiful. As I mentioned before, when I was growing up my grandmother was a beautiful egg craftswomen. Does my heart good to see what people are doing. I never knew anyone else who crafter with eggs.


  8. Oh, Lee they are all fabulous. Love, love, love!

  9. What beautiful eggs!! After looking at these beauties, I think I'd like to take an egg decorating class too... Doubtful to find one around me tho...

  10. OMG, Lee, these are just gorgeous!! I had no idea that this type of event went on, I love them all. It would be very hard to choose a favorite. How fortunate you are to have this lucky dog!

    Thanks for the great pics.

  11. Incredible displays, Lee! It's amazing how different each one is, isn't it? And what gorgeous stitching underneath the eggs displayed in the first photo...

    Hope you have a special Easter :)

  12. Wow those are so colourful and gorgeous!

  13. Gorgeous eggs! They are all so beautiful that it's hard to pick a favorite!