Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Paucity of Posting

(aka - My adventures in alliteration.  Take that, English major daughter!)

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you have a million pictures and you can rattle on about everything and it all seems so bright and interesting and just stops?  You've got nothing.  Or it all seems really, really negative?  I've hit one of those stoppages recently. 

I think it's because I've been moving kids for the past couple weeks.  For over a year now, when I have nightmares, they're almost always moving and packing nightmares, so I know how profoundly these moves effect me.  In my dreams, nothing is ever packed.  I'm always in a hurry and people are always mad at me.  Everything is everywhere and I keep opening doors to find entire rooms filled with things that need to be moved. That was almost the real-life scenario as I made the second trip to move my son yesterday. 

Luckily, the day ended with a couple hours of stitching among friends.  It stopped my hyperventilating and relaxed me as I listened to their stitchy chatter.  I even enjoyed the quiet moments. 

Thank goodness for friends, especially stitching friends!


  1. Moving is not fun! After we helped my daughter and her husband move last summer, I decided that next time we will hire movers to pack and move would be well worth the money!!

    Glad you got to have some stitchy therapy after the trauma!! :^)

  2. lol! Guess what we're doing tomorrow? That's right -- moving the daughter! From one dorm to another. In about a week and a half, I get to pick her up and bring her home. Then in a month, we get to move her back down again. Then in August, we get to move her home again. Then finally, in September we get to move her back to school again. Fun, huh? I guess I'm going to start having dreams too. lol!

  3. I feel your pain! I would break out into cold sweats at the thought of moving DD into/out of her dorm in Boston.
    I found out she was VERY good at unpacking a single box while I traipsed up & down 3 flights of stairs schlepping box after tub after bag, all the while the parking meter ticked away $$ after $$.
    Her last 2-1/2 years the dorm was right across the street from Fenway Park, so we had to plan her moves around the Red Sox game schedule!
    Fun times- NOT!
    Well, you're down one with one to go, right? Keep your chin up and keep stitching!

  4. Yep, my daughter is moving tomorrow too. Although, I am not in charge of a dang thing! hehe

    Hope your bp returns to normal soon!

  5. You just keep stitching with those friends and you'll have lots to talk and share about before you know it! And if you don't, show photos and we can enjoy the quiet moments, too, friend.

  6. It is crazy season, for certain. I hope it is over now and those dreams can stop. Thank goodness for the stitching!

  7. Crazy times! My daughter is off in the Channel Islands working for the summer and I just put away a hamper full of clean clothes that she swore weren't hers--which were washed (by her father because I refused) when she returned home from college with them. We have her room cleaned up but then she'll return in August and go back to college in September and I dread the mess all that entails.

    As for the having nothing--yep!! I've been doing more reading than stitching, more staring into space than reading, and so on. It is what it is. I figure I'll post when I can and when I don't have anything to say, I don't.