Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyone is on my nerves. And some stitching.

There. I've said it. My day started out badly and here it is, scarcely noon, and now everyone is on my very last nerve.

Husband, please open your eyes when you look for things. Don't get all fussy and frantic. What you're looking for is there, you've just overlooked it.

Son, please get your butt out of bed.

Friend, please don't tell me what someone else has said about a project I'm working on. I don't need to hear it.

Person who said this, if you don't know what's happening, try opening your effin' email. The info has been sitting in your Inbox for eight days. Or are you waiting for an invitation on a silver platter?

Coworker, when I tell you I need information from you, don't argue with me. Don't shoot the messenger. Please, just give me the information.


But let's talk about some of my recent stitching.  Please.  Otherwise I may kill people.  Hey, that reminds me, have any of you seen the bumper sticker that says, "I knit so I don't kill people."  Has anyone seen a similar cross stitch saying charted up?  Somebody has to have charted that...

First up, a new project!  Thanks to the kind Denise for the temporary design swap.

BBD's Rose Garden, HDF "BeWined"

Next up, an almost-finished project.  This has been an absolute joy to stitch.  I'm loving the fabric, loving the threads and loving the design. 

La D Da Tis the Gift, PTP fabric and GAST threads

And lastly, The Project that Never Ends.

5 years and counting....Maybe this year?
I have a really, really full weekend coming up, but some of it involves stitching and that's a good thing.  Otherwise, you know...that killing people situation.

To my friends in the US, have a fun and safe Fourth. 


  1. My day has started out badly too, we can commiserate together ;)

    I knit, and I haven't killed anybody...yet. Although it's been close!

    Here's to better days!!!

  2. LOL, I think we all have those days, especially the husband looking for something and getting fussy ;-).

    Love your stitching pictures, too pretty.

  3. Oh yeah--my husband does that all the time. We try to vamoose as quickly as possible when he loses something because it is always OUR fault when that happens. (insert eye roll here)

    Your stitching pics are fabulous!! I just love that last one--the pink and red are amazing.

    I saw a bag on Pinterest with balls of knitting yarn screen printed onto it and the bag had writing on it that said, "Ball sack". I want to knit just so I can carry that bag around.

  4. Oh gosh yes, I can so relate to the husband and son one. lol! As a matter of fact, I just got the son's behind out of bed -- at 2 in the afternoon. Sigh.

    Love the stitching! All is gorgeous!

  5. Such beautiful pieces of stitching! Sorry to hear you are having people troubles. Sounds like you have a case of the blahs. Big hugs. x

  6. I guess a few of us has started with a bad day. Mine just got better since the aircon is fixed and it is 100 outside. I love all your WIP! Hope your day improves....hugs to you

  7. I think we have the same husband AND son! This is the best posting I have ever read. All your WIPs are beautiful, in particular "the project that never ends". WOW, that is alot of stitching. I hope your day gets better.

  8. Your projects look great!!! I do feel your pain about everyone getting on your nerves. Yes, I too stitch so I don't kill people. LOL.

  9. Oh MY....I know so many blog readers will relate to your post today. I love the comments left before me.

    I stitched BBD's Rose Garden and REALLY want to stitch that piece by La D Da! Love the BIG piece. Your work is gorgeous! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing it with us.

    I do hope your day got better.

  10. The cure for the boy in bed - a glass of COLD water. The threat always makes me feel better even if I never follow through! But, the comment by a friend and the coworker - lucky there were no guns nearby! What nerve!

    BBD and LaDDa are looking awesome. and your project that never ends - I have one that has been a WIP for 11 years. Maybe we should talk about a little SAL on them to move them along.

    Hope your weekend is better than today. Happy stitching. Stay safe.

  11. I think we all can relate! Thank goodness we have our stitching to calm us and keep us from bodily harm!!! lol

    Great progress on your WIP, especially love the sampler, it is gorgeous!

  12. I hope your day has ended calmer than it started. Your husband will probably not outgrow his inability to find anything but maybe the rest of the people will get it figured out.

    Your projects are gorgeous - espeically the one that never ends. Imagine how you're going to feel when you get that one done! WOW!

  13. Girlfriend! have been right there where you are too many times myself! This too shall pass. Put all the crazy energy that stupid people are sending your way into your needle and thread and stitch away that frustration!

  14. Normally I just lurk and admire your stitching. But today's post struck a nerve-whew! thank heaven's there is someone very like me out there (in more ways than one :)

    PS. The word on this post's verification is lative, isn't that awfully close to laxative? How appropriate!

  15. Hope tomorrow is better! Dianntha

  16. Hi Lee! One of your Kansas friends here! I think many of us have husbands and sons like that! Love the stitching....what's the name/designer of the 5-year project?

  17. Great post! I can so relate to a few of these!

    Love your stitches!

  18. Wish I could come and sweep you away for a day....we would shop and eat and commiserate. Pretend we're doing that.

    Is it bad that I knew this post was going to be from you when I read the title?


  19. We definitely all have those days.! My Dh cannot look further than his nose end when he's looking for something!

    Lovely stitching. I love the verse on the La D Da.

  20. Ha! Imagine living with 4 males none of whom can ever, I mean ever, remember where things are. I'm glad, in many ways, to be down to just one left in the house :) Especially when I read about the late-sleeping son!

    Love your stitching updates, Lee--maybe you can finish up that last project during our Erie retreat? It looks fabulous :)

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend--enjoy your stitching time and I'll be thinking of you as I slave away at the library on Saturday :)

  21. Love your stitching! The Rose Garden is beautiful when stitched (I was the lucky RAK that Denise stitched it for). Hope they have exhibit next year as will be sure to go. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and have a good day (it hopefully will go up from here). Thanks for checking out my blog. I have been following yours for a long time. It is nice to think of someone else in PA stitching at the same pace I do!

  22. It's a good thing your DD is out west, eh?

    Hope things are improving, and Happy Independence Day to you too!

  23. Is it possible that we have a Twilight Zone, twin connected life? This post could almost be mine! (Except for the gorgeous stitching... I'm not doing nearly enough of that).
    Here's hoping your nerves will be able to hold out.

  24. Amen, tell 'em! I have days like that too. I hope you day got better and not worse!

    Lovely WIP's...beautiful work!

  25. Sorry you're having a bad day. Love your stitching... esp the project that never ends (lol). It's really pretty.

  26. Don't they always seem to gather up on one day? It's been a few days now, so hope you've been stitching to get your nerves back in line ;-). Beautiful stitching! Good wishes for finishing this year.

  27. Hmmmm, the beginning of your post sounds like something I could have written on any given day. I commiserate with you. :)

  28. The Project That Never Ends is just gorgeous. I'm not typically a sampler lover, but the colors you chose for this and the intricacy and delicacy of this piece are just wonderful. I hope that you are able to continue to put some good time into it, even if you don't happen to finish it this year.