Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thanks and We Have a Winner!

Thanks to each and every one of you who voted for The Boyfriend so he could win the prize of having his race entry fee paid to the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage RaceWell, you did it.  You vaulted this happy fellow's blog into the top two.  He'll be forever grateful to all of my stitching, blogging friends.  And the competing blogs can't make the wimpy excuse that a Facebook voting competition unfairly skews votes towards younger people, because although my blogging friends may not be ancient, clearly - or at least I think - I don't have many twenty-something readers here.  This guy and my daughter may be the only two.

Happy Dance
Oh, and by the way, in his last blog post?  That's my kitchen.  And over his left shoulder?  That's my stitching on the wall.  So there you have it...another stitching connection to a mountain biking blog. I promised to finally show you some stitching.  Friends, I've been extra super lazy about stitching lately.  The past few weeks have had so much upheaval, both at work and at home.  I seem only to be able to stitch when things are more calm.  I wish I could be like some of you who use their needlecraft skills to create calm.  I need the outer calm first, before I can sit down with my needle.  I'm getting there though.  First I had to deal with this:  The Lovesac that my wonderful son brought home from college last week.

It was "deflated" and packed in a case when we left Meadville.  But evidently we didn't do a very good job of it, because it escaped its special case while it was riding home in my van.  Believe it or not, it fit into a bag about the size of a largish gym bag.  But I knew when I heard that hissing sound that there was going to be trouble...And I watched this insane thing expanding in my rear view mirror during the entire drive home.  Oh no, it didn't expand all at once.  Very, very slowly.  Like in a bad horror movie.

I was done in when I got home that night, so we left it in the van.  Dumb, because then we had to move the silly thing into the house after it had fully expanded.  Four adults hauled this thing out of the van, in the dining room door, and onto the dining room table, where it sat for almost a week before we tackled its deflation again.  And between the four of us, (and a Shop Vac) we stored it correctly this time and now it's happily living in its suitcase in my son's bedroom.

But I keep getting side tracked!  Stitching!  I'm working on another La D Da.  I wish I could capture the loveliness of this PTP linen, named Chime.  It's such a gorgeous yellow and it cheers me up just to look at it. 

And I took out my Older and Better piece, by Eileen Bennett. I'm ready to start the larger alphabet letters, (they'll be on either side of the basket) but I need to pick up some DMC 939.  How is it that I'm out of such a basic color?  Navy blue! 
I have so many wonderful projects in my head. A local group is having a UFO challenge, and I've unearthed this:
Hello, it's me.  I've lived in a box for three years.  Please free me from my prison.
And then there is the Stitch Bitch challenge, where we start from Workbasket's Pink Flower, create our own souvenir sampler of a place we love or have visited recently.  I'm totally in, because the last challenge was so much fun. Go check it out.  You still have lots of time.


  1. Pssst, I am a faithful (but lurking) reader and I am only 27 ;)

  2. I giggled like a schoolgirl when you described the slowly inflating Lovesack ...

  3. I love the Lovesack visual! And I'm pleased that your older (but not that old) readers helped propel your daughter's friend FTW.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  4. I'm like everyone else -- laughed like everything at your lovesac story. lol! Hysterical! Not for you, I know. Love your stitching!

  5. awwwwe Boyfriend is so happy! Thanks stitchers!

  6. Yay! I'm glad old people like me can still do a few things to help out the younger generation :) I'm sure Montana and Colleen are thrilled!

    The Lovesac looks like a giant ball of rising dough about to take over your dining room, Lee--I love it! Glad you finally wrangled it into submission and stored it away safely...

    Love your new La D Da piece and I'm sure that fabric is even prettier in person. Good luck on the Pink Flower challenge, too!

  7. I am absolutely convinced that we, your faithful blog readers (myself included), are all in our 20's. Please stop your crazy talk about us being older!

  8. Well, I don't know exactly what a Lovesac is, but it looks like it might be a kind of dangerous thing to have around! It's alive!

    Love your La-D-Dah "Simple Gifts"!

  9. LOL @ the Lovesac! Reminded me of the old horror classic, the Blob.

    Happy that the boyfriend won!

  10. I'm so pleased for the boyfriend. That lovesac looks like some sort of sci-fi blob from the Twilight Zone!
    Your stitchy pictures are so nice to see. I usually get calmed by stitching, but I've been in a slump lately and I think it might be because of all that end of the school year stuff going on... maybe I need some outer calm too?

  11. I had to look up what a lovesak was, Its amazingly huge!
    Your recent posts bring back fond memories. I grew up in Bradford, PA and went to school for a time at Edinboro University.

  12. LOL, I take it you may not be loving the Lovesac??? PS. I've never heard of one of those before.

    Hope things calm down so you can get in some stitching!

  13. Ah...I'm 20, but this is my first time visiting your blog, so I suppose I don't count.

    That thing on your dining table is huuuuuge. Must be fun uh... working with it.

  14. LOL at the Lovesac, I can so imagine driving and watching it in the rear view mirror. Glad that the boyfriend won, but it wasn't due to me voting as per normal I am behind in reading blog posts and was too late to vote.