Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What a finish!

First of all, thank you everyone for your very nice comments yesterday. You really know how to make a slacker feel good!

Even basking in the warmth of your comments, I still know that there are talented people out there who are actually completing projects. I don't happen to be one of them (at least for right now), so I'll reintroduce you to Nancy. Remember last month when I showed you Nancy's finished stitching? Well, last week she brought it to us in its final form - beautifully framed. Here's the proud stitcher!

I thought I had the whole thing in my camera window, but somehow I cut off one side of it.  You get the idea, though.  Mat colors are purple and what I'd call eggplant.

This was a free design, but you'll need to sign up for the designer's newsletter to get it.  The newsletter sign up link is in the left sidebar of the webpage.  The design offers both red and blue alternatives, but Nancy went with her own beautiful color choices.


This is completely unrelated, but do any of you get the Victoria's Secret bathing suit catalogs?  Why-oh-why do I receive these things?  I can be feeling all Fit and Fifty (three) and content, then it's like the universe has decided that I'm too happy so it has to drop one of these little gems in my mailbox. 

And WHAT is with the "I'm taking my pants off now" pose in most of these photos?  Each model has her thumbs tucked into her bottoms like she can hardly keep her lady parts hidden any more.  Enough with the "Let's Pretend I'm Taking These Off For You, Big Boy" Pose.

Oh wait...let me take off these bothersome bottoms.  We models don't like to wear pants.  Or bottoms.  They're so yesterday.

But wait, here's my favorite pose. 
Really now.  A sign in the models' dressing room should read:  "All Bikini Models must wash their hands before leaving work."  We can only hope that none of them have night jobs as food service workers. Otherwise, it would go like this:   "Would you like your fries with or without pubic hair?"

My apologies to Nancy for lumping her beautiful and reverent cross-stitch into a post with these ummmm...questionable ads for swimwear.  But I'll bet Jesus would be shaking his head, too.


  1. Nancy's stitching is wonderful! As for those Victoria's Secret models -- you crack me up! lol! Ugh. Don't need to see them!

  2. First, Nancy's stitching is so beautiful and I love the choice of the frame. Her choice of royal purple is also wonderful.

    Second, I throw those darn catalogues out as fast as they get in my mailbox. They might as well take the bottoms off for all they actually cover. The suggestive poses certainly don't make me want those suits... I wonder how many husbands and boyfriends buy them for their 'girls'? Lol on the handwashing comment!

  3. What a beautiful finish for your friend!!

    As for the VS Models - LMAO at the handwashing comment!! Where are the normal sized women???

  4. Beautiful stitching. That will be a keepsake forever.

    Wish I'd get on that mailing list just so I'd have something to post. Wouldn't want to see someone doing something swimming related in a swimsuit, now would we?


  5. Thank you for sharing Nancy's finish, it's beautiful! Plus, I was happy to see that she used shades of purple since that's what I decided to do when I got my free pattern!

    Amen sister, on the VS catalogs!

  6. Beautiful framing to go with such a beautiful piece. Here in the UK it is all over the news at the moment about the sexualization of children and they are wanting laws about images such as these not being posted near schools etc. There are a lot of businesses in support of it and I do hope that companies start being more attentive. Really awful aren't they? x

  7. Umm, Lee they don't have pubic hair. It's gone - how did you put that - so yesterday. Brazilian wax sounds so pleasant doesn't it?

    Nancy's stitching in royal purple colors is beautiful. The frame is gorgeous too!

  8. The Jesus piece is just lovely, please tell your friend so. As far as the catalogs go, you are killing me! Too funny. And you've got it spot on... those are the stupidest poses ever.

  9. Nancy's stitching is beautiful and beautifully framed! As to Victoria Secret, I don't even bother to open that catalog. It goes straight in the recycle bin!

  10. Yeah, my comment was going to be "what pubic hair?" Either they are too young to have any or they go brazilian. Yuck on both!

    The stitching is lovely as is the framing-more beautiful than those skanky girls!

    Thank you for the laugh!

  11. EW! That's for the model shots, not the stitching! The stitching is lovely.

    Every time one of those catalogs shows up in my mailbox, I immediately call customer service and (nicely) ask to be taken off their list. They are always very nice an professional, never ask why and I never offer, and I never get another least for about 3 years. =)